Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 60

60 is quite a number. I remember when I was with Hutch he was writing emails in the 60's... he goes home next transfer!

Well this email wont be as long as last week, but that doesn't mean this week wasn't as good. Just not a lot of news. Basically all our families are progressing well and making visible strides in their conversion processes and preparation for baptism and marriage! This Saturday David e Otilia are getting married and baptized! Super excited. And they are having a little party after so I will get to enjoy some BOMB food:)

Cool thing of the week, President Koch invited me and Elder Christiansen to a meeting with the Stake President, President Castanheira. We talked about the Stake's goals over the next 2 years and how missionaries and members are going to work to hit these goals. The nice part was they actually asked our opinions and thoughts on stuff. Feeling like a boss haha.

I was so annoying in the house this week. Each morning I woke up and would ask the house what day it was. I would then answer myself and say "its the last padded practice (wed)." orthursday I yelled its walk through day! I thought Bjack's game was Friday so I ran around yelling its GAME DAY!!!!! As you can tell... Im still a big fan. Pdays are so much better when football is here! By the way... nice job bro! Killed it. Whats new though. Look like a stud, play like a stud, you might just be a stud.

Have another great week. Im excited to send some baptism pics next week! Also I uploaded some pics from going to the zoo last pday. I bought a live chicken and threw it into the crocodile exhibit... ya it was as cool as it sound. They love them so live chirpin chicken:)!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

This is Nilza and my companion. Nilza is Ramalho e Felicidade's 7 year old daughter and I'm going to adopt her!

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