Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 56

Its already August?! That kind of freaks me out! I still feel like we are in the first half of the new year. I wore my fast sunday tie yesterday and realized I only have to wear it 10 more times here in Mozambique, the 11th will be back home... weird.

This week was a good one. We worked HARD. Ive been pretty tired lately. I honestly fall asleep faster and sleep deeper here on the mission than I did during basic. I think within about 15-30 seconds of my head hitting the pillow Im completely asleep, not exaggerating! But hey its a good tired.

So i think I was kind of confusing in my email last week. I am companions with Elder Christiansen. We are the zone leaders together. We also were in the same room at the MTC together, so I know him pretty well. We have 3 other Elders in the house, waiting for the 4th to arrive from the MTC. Elder Johnson is in his 5th transfer training Elder Larsen whose in his first. Elder Holt is in his 4th going to be training the new Elder when he gets here this week. So thats my house. I am the grandpa in the house. Ive been out for over a year, and I turn 20 in 7 days!!!!!!! Thats stupid old. I feel like a 16 year old. Actually I want to be a 16 year old haha.

We (Christiansen and I) have a lot of stuff we are trying to do right now. We have a lot of ideas that we want to try and incorporate and see how they work. The super cool thing is we had a leadership counsel with Pres Koch this week and his big point was that he doesnt want to dictate every little thing we do. He has given us a lot of trust, and freedom as zone leaders to figure out what is best for our zones and to be creative. Its nice because Elder Christiansen is super creative and has a lot of ideas, and not to be prideful, but I am good at putting them into action and working them into our lessons. We work well together. We are tryign super hard right now to get one new family at church every week, but we arent too concerned with how we find them, so we arent entirely focused on doing road contacts, but also working harder to get references and find part member families. By the way, GIVE a reference to the Elders in our ward, it makes us very happy and shows that the members believe in the missionaries and trust that they can do what theyve been called to do.

This week we found probably the most prepared family Ive met so far. They are David e Utilia. Man they get it. They are one of the few families that seem to always understand and the Spirit is in our lessons. Not to be cheesy but they definitely got that light in their eyes. We found them this week, they came to church, and we really think they could get married and baptized this transfer!

Saturday night I got harassed by drunks. Not like physically but man there were a million of them that night and I was not rockin my best patience attitude that night haha. I think at least 7 or 8 drunk guys tried to take a pamphlet from me or argue with me. And how stupid was I? I actually tried to logically argue with a couple of them haha. Sadly, after all this time on the mission, and all the experiences Ive had I am still a weak sauce when it comes to being patient.

Well that was a lot this week. Sorry the pics havent uploaded yet, maybe theyll come in. But as a birthday present to myself Im going to buy a camera today, so dont be alarmed if money leaves my account! Nice well I love you guys, enjoy the last little bit of summer for me.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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