Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 59

Super good week! This is the best Ive ever had an area going on my entire mission. We had 8 complete families at church and 23 investigators in total! We also had 3 less active families that we visited last week come! So OSUM. What is even better is all 8 of those families have baptismal dates and have already started documents! Legit all 8 are progressing. Never had that happen.

We opened the marriage process for David e Utilia on Tuesday! They are gonna be married and baptized onSept 5! Then Moises and Ana on the 12th. On the 26th we have 2 couples that shouldnt have much difficulty with docs, and 4 more that are shooting for that date! I know its high hopes, but it is completely possible that we marry and baptize 8 FAMILIES in the month of September! The Lord has got his hands all up in our area haha. I love it. It makes the weeks fly by and we are doing work. Me and Elder Christiansen get along really well and we work even better together. Ive never enjoyed the mission this much. I just hope we keep deserving the blessings that Heavenly Father is pouring out upon us. Keep on working.

So that is how the area is going. Sorry there are a lot of exclamation marks, I am a little excited haha. I sent a picture of 2 famlies. The couple on the left, Ramalho e Felcidade, are my favorite couple Ive ever sat with. The couple on the right is Moises e Milusha. Moises and Felicidade are siblings. Felicidade referred him to us, and now they are going to get married and baptized together on the 26th! Sick right?

Other than that I dont have a ton to say. We have just been working a lot so no other real stories at the moment. Oh that pic I sent of a lady with a huge pile of stuff on her head is at the dump. We have a family that lives behind the landfill and I saw this lady with a giganormous bag of plastic bottles on her head so I thought you would all enjoy. You cant even see her upper body the bag is so big haha!

Crazy that school is starting. Time is moving now! Im so pumped to hear about football. It will makes pdays even more osumer. Tell Chapman I said hi, and Kourtni Ball congrats! Kinda of weird to have someone my age engaged, I fell older now. Man life is good. I was actually reading in 1 Samuel this week, and the Prophet, Samuel, is talking to the children of Israel and getting after them for forgetting their God and falling into temptation. In his counsel to them he tells them to "Consider all that God has done for you." I found it fitting in this week with all the success, but also in the rougher times we still are so blessed and should give a sec to recognize how much Heavenly Father has done, and still does for us.

Well with that said, I love you guys! I got my package and Ive never loved a present more than that calendar. So thanks for that. Have a great week, good luck with school and work and football and everything.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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