Monday, June 13, 2016

Week 101: LAST EMAIL

Wow you guys should see my inbox! Week 101, last one, last week, 1 more week, your done, haha its pretty ridiculous.

So here we are... it really is the end. This is the weirdest experience Ive ever been through in my life. Trying to explain how I feel would be useless, but its all good.

This week has been a little strange. Im actually no longer an assistant. Pres brought the new one in a week early and let me finish my mission where?... in Mahotas of all places! Im back to the promised land for my last week. Ive been here since Friday and have been walking with Elder Rispress, a West Point cadet. I couldn't have picked a better way to go out.

I'll be honest I don't really know what to write. I feel like at this point it would be better to just wait and tell you everything in person! So I guess I will end with just a few thoughts.

I think most of the experiences and things Ive learned on the mission I will never be able to adequately explain, kind of like basic training, but I think the Lord does that on purpose. We serve the Lord for 2 years because we love Him and want to help our brothers and sister, but in the process of growing closer to the Lord and learning to genuinely care about others you learn a lot about life and yourself. Im so grateful for this time and will look back on it with an ear to ear grin for all of eternity. I love this place and I love the people I have been priveleged to meet. I know the God lives and that His son Jesus Christ is our Savior and they love us and are merciful beyond all comprehension. I know the gospel changes lives for the better because I have seen it happen countless times. And I think of all the things that I have learned the past 2 years, the one that has changed my life, who I want to be, and what I plan to do is 2 Nephi 2:25 "Adam fell that men might be; and men are, that they might have joy." I know we were created to be happy. That is the end purpose of all things and I know that true, eternal happiness only comes through the Savior and His gospel. I plan on being happy.

I love you guys and cannot wait to finally see you! Its been a fun ride, I'll tell you all about in 2 weeks! For the 101st and last time....

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Week 100 (WHAT THE WHAT?!?!)

Triple digits!!!!!!!!! Just gets weirder and weirder every time I get on internet to write you guys... only 1 more time after this week. This past week was legit. Traveling is always a good time and seeing all the missionaries and old areas is a blast.

So Tuesday we had our first zone conference in Swazi. It was so cold! It was like 30 degrees Fahrenheit. I wore an overcoat the entire presentation. It was nice to start our week off in English, it made our training a little easier. The conference overall was a success. I think it was fun and entertaining for everyone, but also instructive and spiritual. Wednesday I drove us back to Maputo... it was kinda weird driving that long of a distance, especially with a manual car that Ive only driven like 6 times haha. Thursday we had our conference here in Maputo. Also went well, right afterwards we went to the airport and headed up to Beira! I love that place. Friday was our conference there. At the end President had all those that were going home bear their testimonies. So me, and all of my group that was up there; Elder Couch, Woolley, Ence, and Heald. That was a weird moment. We all just kind of looked at each other afterwards like, "Did that really just happen? Are we really done?" Cant explain what its like.

Yesterday I got to go to church in Chingassura! I got to see all my peeps there. It was surprising how many people remembered me. Last time I was there I didn't go to church I just passed by a few houses, but yesterday I saw everyone. It made me really happy talking to all of them and seeing how they are doing. When I told them that Im coming back in 2 weeks with my mom and dad to visit them they freaked out! Its gonna be such a good time. Our flight home got delayed until 23 last night, so we didn't get home until about 230 and I didn't get into bed until about 415 because we had to drop Pres e Sis Koch of then head back home and shower and stuff. Good news is today is Pday so we got to sleep a bit. Still a bit worn out, but I can make do for 12 more days!

One thing from zone conference that I did want to share was another good one-liner from Pres. He always ends with the best quotes/sayings. This time he used "Bloom where you're planted." He talked about how we are all placed in different places/circumstances throughout our missions and more so our lives and we don't always have the best situations around us, but that we can always make something of it. Just do what you can and make it happen. Successful people, happy people take what they are given and turn it into what they want it to be.

Well family... I will talk to you next week! Keep enjoying the beautiful summertime.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby