Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 68

My first week here in Matola was a success. I dig my new companion, we get along well and he works hard so its all dandy. The area is HUGE! We can walk for an hour from our house and still be only in the middle of our area, and thats like a missionary speed walk haha. It is a nice area, a little more wealthy, cleaner too. I like it. The ward is nice, and the Bishop is a good guy. We have about 100 member at church each week, but about 400 registered in our ward... lots of work to be done there. So far so good, though. I like my new house as well. The mission is super young so wherever I go there are going to be new or young Elders in the house. Right now we have 2 that are in their first transfer. I feel like a grandpa.
As far as investigators and people we are working with.... its a work in progress. This area hasnt baptized a family in over 18 months, but hey no better time than the present right? Im actually excited for the challenge. There are a lot of good people here, just takes a little different tactic I think. I will keep you updated as we find new people!

This week we got to watch General Conference. It was OSUM! Especially because finally I can understand it all haha. I love the Prophet, he is a trooper. I really liked Elder Anderson and Pres Uchtdorf´s talks from Priesthood session. To me I saw a lot of emphasis on true faith. What it is, how to grow it, and what to do with it. Also, about changing and getting better each day. Stuff that I liked and is applicable in life, and in the mission right now. And of course I had to love Elder Holland´s talk about my mamma! Guy really knows how to make a missionary miss his mom haha.

So another successful week down. Hopefully the next one is even better. I love you guys! Africa is getting hot, but we all know the more sweat that drips from your nose in the middle of relating the First Vision, the more the Spirit works!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Elder Hruby and his new companion

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 67

Well it's transfer day! I am getting transfered to Matola. It is in Maputo still, it is kinda of like being in Boise vs Eagle. Im excited. 3 transfers here was the perfect amount. We went out with a bang too, baptizing 5 people! My new companion is Elder Ellingson. I got to know him a bit when I was up in Beria. He is super legit, I think we are gonna have a good time together. He is wrapping up his mission. I think he goes home at the end of January.

This week really was a good one. Obviously the best part was the baptisms of Ramalho, Felicidade, Moises, Milusha, and Ed. I love these guys. It was one of the more emotional goodbyes this time. I said bye to 4 families that I baptized. Im going to have to come back here my last Sunday of the mission to see them all again. I was reminded this week of a quote from President Monson, something like "The greatest joy I know is knowing that the Lord has used me as an instrument in His hands to answer the prayers of one of His other children." Felicidade said multiple times to me as I was saying goodbye that if it wasnt for me she and Ramalho and her brother and sister in law would all still be lost and unhappy. I know I didnt really do anything. I was just being a missionary. Any other Elder would have baptized these families as well, but it is a really good feeling knowing that Heavenly Father used me as a way to help these people who He loves, and now so do I.

We also had zone conference this week. As always it was super osum. Pres Koch actually gave the zone leader another hour and a half to give a training to the zone. Mejia and I talked about the characteristics of Christ and how being more like Him is a sure way to become a better and more successful missionary. We actually had some of the missionaries give mini talks because I felt hypocritical talking about that stuff when I am probably one of the least charitable and most impatient missionaries here haha. But it went well.

Fun story of the week, but first I have to say, if I tell this story Mom has to promise not to get mad. Ok thanks! So we were out of energy over the weekend because the electrical company shut off our fuse box because of some problem, but they werent coming out to fix it until Tuesday. So we basically hotwired to box so we could have energy for those 4 days, but before the company came out to fix it we had to put it back to normal so they wouldnt see it. Yes I know we are bad, but I got punished already. When we were rewiring it, Mejia was screw some of the wires back in and I was holding the box and stuff for him, well I had a wire slip and brush up against me, it was exposed so it gave me a nice jolt and threw me to the ground and left a cool Harry Potter mark on my arm. The mark already went away and Im all good. And we got it rewired in time!:) Just another good mission story! I had enough electricity to run our house go through my body. But dont worry Mom, God protects his missionaries... even the stupid ones:)

Well have another great week. Love hearing about all thats going on. Tell Jordan I say hi. I miss that dude. He was and still is such a great example to me.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 66

Man the weeks just keep getting crazier. This week I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off! Between the new house, renewing my visa, and trying to plan these weddings... eish!

So the new house is nice. The senior couple bought us a good amount of nice stuff, then again new stuff always looks nice until a bunch of 20 year old boys get there hands on it haha. We still arent sleeping there, though. Mejia and I spent 2 full days setting up the furniture and getting the house in order. The ACs will be in this week and then we should be sleeping there. We will see haha. Its only been a work in progress for a whole transfer now... We also are going to paint the walls. Reminds me of when me and Mom did the garage for Fathers Day! Good times.

Other good news, I wont be getting deported. I dont know why but my documents can never be easy here. We had to go renew basically a document equivilent to my visa, but it almost turned out a disaster. For some reason the mission never picked up my visa from a year ago so when we went to renew it that caused some issues and we spent 7 hourse and the immigration office... yay! But all is well, I am legal now.

Some more good news, and kinda bad news. Its mostly good news. Moises e Milusha and Ramalho e Felicidade were married this week! It was a super nice wedding. My first time Ive had a legit wedding ceremony with mulitple couples at the same time! Lots of family, singing, and food! Very pretty, too because they did everything at the church, including the lunch. I had a good time and took lots of pics! The bad news is because Moises needed and interview with Pres Koch we had to move the baptisms back a week. But its ok they are all still getting baptized!

The rest is going good. We are always trying to find more people to teach. We actually found a super legit family yesterday named Sydney e Sandra. They are wicked smart and paid attention really well. It was one of those more spiritual lessons which you always feel better about because you can just see it in their faces when it clicks. Thats a good feeling. We asked her to read a verse in the Bible and she started reading in English, threw me off a bit. She studied in South Africa so she speaks English.

Welp, have another osum fall week. Love hearing all about it! You guys are the bestest family I ever couldve asked for!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Week 65

To be honest this was one of those more trying weeks. One that Im already looking back on with gratitude for what I learned, but it was rougher nonetheless.

It wasnt a bad week, in truth we actually had a super successful week. Just a lot of stress. The contract with the new house was kind of a mess, and I ended up having to talk to this dude's lawyer to resolve some of it. Luckily it all worked out and the Big Man helped me out. We move in officially tomorrow! Im pumped. This week I was also really struggling with my patience. I think the Lord just wanted to remind me I still havent mastered it and have a lot to learn. I was getting super irritated in the road with the people. I had not even the slightest amount of patience for any side remark haha. I read some good talks and stories in the scrips and Liahona that were super nice. That probably sounded super missionary haha, but they really did help out. That and the fast this week.

I heard about the Apostles. The only one I called correctly was Elder Rasband. I think it's so cool how it can seem so "random." The Lord knows who He wants! Im going to watch Conference in 2 weeks so that will be nice!

This is the quote I really liked this week. "Charity is having patience with someone who has let us down. It is resisting the impulse to become offended easily. It is accepting weaknesses and shortcomings. It is accepting people as they truly are. It is looking beyond physical appearances to attributes that will not dim through time. It is resisting the impulse to categorize others" Its from President Monson. 'Charity Never Faileth.'

Glad to hear Bjack killed it again and fall is as good as ever! I love the pics! I will send you all a bunch of pics next week after the weddings at baptisms! BTW I just turned my calendar to October and the main pic is of the family apple picking 2 years ago, ironic.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby