Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 66

Man the weeks just keep getting crazier. This week I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off! Between the new house, renewing my visa, and trying to plan these weddings... eish!

So the new house is nice. The senior couple bought us a good amount of nice stuff, then again new stuff always looks nice until a bunch of 20 year old boys get there hands on it haha. We still arent sleeping there, though. Mejia and I spent 2 full days setting up the furniture and getting the house in order. The ACs will be in this week and then we should be sleeping there. We will see haha. Its only been a work in progress for a whole transfer now... We also are going to paint the walls. Reminds me of when me and Mom did the garage for Fathers Day! Good times.

Other good news, I wont be getting deported. I dont know why but my documents can never be easy here. We had to go renew basically a document equivilent to my visa, but it almost turned out a disaster. For some reason the mission never picked up my visa from a year ago so when we went to renew it that caused some issues and we spent 7 hourse and the immigration office... yay! But all is well, I am legal now.

Some more good news, and kinda bad news. Its mostly good news. Moises e Milusha and Ramalho e Felicidade were married this week! It was a super nice wedding. My first time Ive had a legit wedding ceremony with mulitple couples at the same time! Lots of family, singing, and food! Very pretty, too because they did everything at the church, including the lunch. I had a good time and took lots of pics! The bad news is because Moises needed and interview with Pres Koch we had to move the baptisms back a week. But its ok they are all still getting baptized!

The rest is going good. We are always trying to find more people to teach. We actually found a super legit family yesterday named Sydney e Sandra. They are wicked smart and paid attention really well. It was one of those more spiritual lessons which you always feel better about because you can just see it in their faces when it clicks. Thats a good feeling. We asked her to read a verse in the Bible and she started reading in English, threw me off a bit. She studied in South Africa so she speaks English.

Welp, have another osum fall week. Love hearing all about it! You guys are the bestest family I ever couldve asked for!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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