Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Week 68

My first week here in Matola was a success. I dig my new companion, we get along well and he works hard so its all dandy. The area is HUGE! We can walk for an hour from our house and still be only in the middle of our area, and thats like a missionary speed walk haha. It is a nice area, a little more wealthy, cleaner too. I like it. The ward is nice, and the Bishop is a good guy. We have about 100 member at church each week, but about 400 registered in our ward... lots of work to be done there. So far so good, though. I like my new house as well. The mission is super young so wherever I go there are going to be new or young Elders in the house. Right now we have 2 that are in their first transfer. I feel like a grandpa.
As far as investigators and people we are working with.... its a work in progress. This area hasnt baptized a family in over 18 months, but hey no better time than the present right? Im actually excited for the challenge. There are a lot of good people here, just takes a little different tactic I think. I will keep you updated as we find new people!

This week we got to watch General Conference. It was OSUM! Especially because finally I can understand it all haha. I love the Prophet, he is a trooper. I really liked Elder Anderson and Pres Uchtdorf´s talks from Priesthood session. To me I saw a lot of emphasis on true faith. What it is, how to grow it, and what to do with it. Also, about changing and getting better each day. Stuff that I liked and is applicable in life, and in the mission right now. And of course I had to love Elder Holland´s talk about my mamma! Guy really knows how to make a missionary miss his mom haha.

So another successful week down. Hopefully the next one is even better. I love you guys! Africa is getting hot, but we all know the more sweat that drips from your nose in the middle of relating the First Vision, the more the Spirit works!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Elder Hruby and his new companion

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