Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 86

Week 1 in this crazy place is complete! It was pretty good, different, but new stuff is entertaining. With all that happens in these 2 years of the mission, I dont know if there is a single greater way/place to learn more and gain more insight for life, not to mention the gospel.

So this week we had a couple of chores we had to take care of in the office. We were there basically everyday from 1030-15, then we got the rest of the day to work in the area. Elder Christiansen said normally we are in the office a lot less which is nice, it was kind of overwhelming and the computer hurts my eyes after so long. We put together all of Maningue news and we also had organize our leadership council this week as Pres was in Beira so we ran it from down here.

The area is sick! It is the poorest area I have served in... or seen for that matter. We walk through some alleys where I have to turn sideways to fit through while at the same time shuffling my feet so I dont fall into sewage haha... totally my kind of area, makes for the best stories. Chamanculo (my area) is one of the oldest in the mission, so weve got some pretty old members and some of the pioneers of the Church in Moz here. Right now we are just running around talking to as many people as possible trying to find those prepared families. We had one family at church, Anotnio e Cartilha. They are so sweet. We also have another 5 or so families that we are going back to, to see if they will progress and come this week. Its crazy how much the work changes from area to area. As far as numbers go, here in Chamanculo even with all the office work we did, we blew my stats out of the water from Liberdade. But its just a different style.

I was really looking forward to Pday. I need some rest haha. Last night we had to go get Pres e Sis Koch from the airport at like midnight so we only got 6 hours of sleep, but thats why the missionary sabbath (Pday) was created. I really dig being around Pres more. Our meetings with him are pretty legit. Definitely get a bigger/clearer perspective on all that is going on with our mission.

Well such is life. Its a good one for sure. Glad to hear everything is solid back home. I love and miss you all. Have another osum week! Talk to you in MARCH!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

PS: Im still not driving. I am renewing my international drivers permit, then Christiansen has to teach me how to drive stick, but hey these Ford Rangers are pretty sleek!

Week 85

Well wasnt this quite the week! To be honest it is a bit of a blur, but man was it good. Tuesday-Thursday were pretty much normal work days, which was good we got to visit our families and get the area ready for the next two missionaries.

Friday Elder Ellingson's mission ended! He left Friday morning to the mission home to hang with Pres and relax. Crazy, I am now exactly where he was when we first become companions! I kind of was homeless after he left so I just had to walk with some other Elders for the weekend, it was solid, though. Ellingson's parents got here on Sunday and it was so sick to see them! They looked beat from the 2 days trip, but they were beyond stoked to be here. It made me excited for when Mom and Dad come! You guys are gonna be so dead from traveling, but there is no rest for the weary... we gots stuff to be doing!

I think the highlight of the week would obviously be the visit of Elder Anderson. That was first up close and personal interaction with an Apostle! It was osum. He presided of Stake Conference from 9-11, then we got to sit in on the Priesthood leadership meeting from 12-15. I was asked to translate for the Swazi leaders that were there because Elder Anderson was speaking Portuguese. Then, from 1530-17 we had a meeting with Elders Cook, Ellis, and Kumbulani, with Elder Anderson just for the missionaries! Got to shake his hand so that was cool. What I thought was really cool was that just from listening to him and being around him you could tell that he is just a man, just another human being like us, but at the same time man does he carry around some power with him. It is a cool combo. His last testimony that he left in the missionary meeting hit pretty hard. You could feel it in your core that what he said was true beyond doubt. Exerience Im grateful for.

After the meetings I went and started playing taxi driver with Elder Christiansen. Transfer are today so we were driving a bunch of missionaries around trying to get them packed and in the right spots. I think we were running around from like 18-2230. And this morning we were taking people to the airport and running around some more. It has been probably the most stressful 18 hours of my mission haha. There is a lot that goes on in the mission office between Pres, the senior couples, the secretaries, and the APs that makes the mission funtion... I was somewhat unaware of that haha. But its been good and now everything is calm.

Also, another highlight from Sunday is that my families from Mahotas came to the Conference. All 4 of the families I baptized while there came yesterday!!! And 3 of the men are getting the Melchizedek Priesthood! Seeing them and talking to them and hearing about how they are doing was osum. Milusha is now the YW president, and they all just looked so happy, and different. I could see a difference in all of them. It was one of the few times were I have felt just joy to core. I was kind of overwhelmed by how happy they all made me and got a little teary-eyed (Im a sap I know). Mom and Dad you are going to love visiting them. I told them we will come by and they all almost lost it with excitement!

So ya, that was my pretty stellar week. Good way to end the transfer. Im excited for what this one holds. Only 3 left so better take advantage!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Friday, February 19, 2016

Week 84

Another week down... Elder Ellingson's last full week of work! He heads to the mission home this Friday... weird. We had another good week. It was a happy week. We had fun in the work and some success too.

Unfortunately, we didn't have a huge turnout at church, from investigators nor from less-actives. Just one of those weeks. We still are feeling good about our 3 main families. We had some pretty spiritual lessons with them and they are doing some of the small things that are really going to help them come closer to the Lord and progress towards baptism.

I have come to love this area a lot. Ironic how you become fond of something that has been so difficult and a pain in the neck at times. I think we really don't get full satisfaction out of things if we aren't made to work for them. A lot of sweat, some blood, and maybe a few tears (figuratively speaking, cause I don't cry) makes for some cherished memories and people in this area.

Last Pday we played Gator Ball... oh man Im in so much trouble when it comes time to wrestle Ben. Even given a month to get myself into some sort of shape its gonna be humbling. Its ok though, when he gets home from his mission I'll wreck him just the same!

Not a lot to say about this week, but it was good and Im happy. I was talking with some other missionaries this week, and some talked about things that have happened to them or their families since they have been gone... I just wanted to end saying we are blessed. I hope we never cease to see that. Ive said it before and I'll say it again, I don't know what we did to deserve this osum family/life but Im very grateful for it. We have a lot to give back.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

PS - Elder Hruby was just made an assistant to the Mission President! This means he will be going all over the mission to do trainings with other Zone Leaders. We are not surprised because he is such a stud, but we are so proud - We love our Elder Hruby!!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 83

With another week down and my release date getting moved up... we are under 20 weeks left. I will only wear my fast Sunday tie 4 more times! Weird right?! This week was good, tiring, but that's better than the alternative. We are in a good groove this transfer, teaching legit families and finding new ones, and we had our highest Sacrament attendance in 5 months! All good stuff.

We again had 2 families at church which is always a blessing and I will never be upset about that. Unfortunately, Joel didnt come this week. He went to do something in the morning and didn't make it back in time. The good news is I think he felt bad, and noticed a difference not being there. Sometimes they have to miss just to see why they should really go. Totti e Beatrice came again! They are progressing super well! They look happy. Our new family, Agostinho e Ana, also came. And they loved it! Ana's oldest sister, Nadia, is one our strongest members so that is a great support system. Those are our 3 main families and they are legit and I'm happy to get to teach them.

The rest is going well. The weather has been bearable so that's always a plus. We walked with a returned missionary this week, Irmao Adilson. He served in the London, England mission! I already asked if he knew or had ever heard about the Geddes... no  :(. But he was a blast to walk with.It is fun hearing about other missions and getting advice or council from those oh so wise RMs.

Our zone is doing super hot right now as well.This week our zone had 16 total families at church.Avg 2 per companionship. Pretty sweet. Our zone is sweet, although at times I would love to throw them into basic training so they would learn to stop being whiners. No one likes a complainer... as I'm complaining haha.

Well thats alls I gots this week. Good week for sure, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I love you guys. Congrats to Peyton, now he and his big forehead can retire! Have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 82

Oh my lanta for the stars of liza... its February! What they heck!? It was just New Years like last week. My comp goes home in 3 weeks! Ive said it many times, but time is just a trip here on the mission. I love it.

Good weeks just keep rolling. They are good, not for lack of struggles, exhaustion, nor frustrations, but the few good families make everything worth it... especially when they come to church!!! Joel e Sara came to church for the third straight week. We visited them on Saturdaynight and he told us he wasnt going to be able to come to church because of work. We had a really good lesson with them and didnt try to convice him to come we just talked about how when we put God first good stuff happens and Joel would be blessed if he came to church. Showed up on Sunday and he wasnt there... literally seconds before Sacrament Meeting started he walked in! Ya this guy is legit. He will be baptized, the question is just when. We are working for the 20th of this month, we will see how ready they are to act!

We also had a new family come to church. Totti e Beatice. He is a member. They are super young 21 and 19 respectively. But they are extremely smart and are fun to sit with. We will start working more with them this week.

The rest is pretty standard. Elder Ellingson and I are just wiped every Sunday night. We look forward to rest on pday! Everyone else thinks we are lame because we dont go play soccer or do anything other than internet and groceries before going back to the house for the rest of the afternoon. Today is especially nice. I getting over another lame head cold and Ellingson has some of the most wicked blisters youve ever seen on his feet. Looks like he has a giant hole in his right foot. The dude is a trooper though haha. Missionary work smacks basic around like a red headed step child. Sorry that may have been a little politically incorrect haha.

My story for you this week is how my life was threatened by a Major in the Moz Army. We got a boleia, hitchike, from this Major on the way home one night and I was making small talk. He wanted to practice his english so we were speaking english with him. He was a pretty funny guy and we were laughing a lot. I started trying to see if we could visit him another day and share our message. I asked if he had a wife and he said he just had a girlfriend. I forgot what I said after that but it triggered something and he was like "why you want to know huh? What you want to know about my gf for? You gonna steal her from me? I will kill you myself!" Um... what?! You can imagine the akward silence that took place after that insane statement. Then he just started laughing and said he was just playing around... ok physco. So thats my story for you this week. Made me laugh at least.

I love you guys and love hearing about how osum all your lives are. We have a pretty cool family. Have a good week. Thanks for all the prayers.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby