Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 85

Well wasnt this quite the week! To be honest it is a bit of a blur, but man was it good. Tuesday-Thursday were pretty much normal work days, which was good we got to visit our families and get the area ready for the next two missionaries.

Friday Elder Ellingson's mission ended! He left Friday morning to the mission home to hang with Pres and relax. Crazy, I am now exactly where he was when we first become companions! I kind of was homeless after he left so I just had to walk with some other Elders for the weekend, it was solid, though. Ellingson's parents got here on Sunday and it was so sick to see them! They looked beat from the 2 days trip, but they were beyond stoked to be here. It made me excited for when Mom and Dad come! You guys are gonna be so dead from traveling, but there is no rest for the weary... we gots stuff to be doing!

I think the highlight of the week would obviously be the visit of Elder Anderson. That was first up close and personal interaction with an Apostle! It was osum. He presided of Stake Conference from 9-11, then we got to sit in on the Priesthood leadership meeting from 12-15. I was asked to translate for the Swazi leaders that were there because Elder Anderson was speaking Portuguese. Then, from 1530-17 we had a meeting with Elders Cook, Ellis, and Kumbulani, with Elder Anderson just for the missionaries! Got to shake his hand so that was cool. What I thought was really cool was that just from listening to him and being around him you could tell that he is just a man, just another human being like us, but at the same time man does he carry around some power with him. It is a cool combo. His last testimony that he left in the missionary meeting hit pretty hard. You could feel it in your core that what he said was true beyond doubt. Exerience Im grateful for.

After the meetings I went and started playing taxi driver with Elder Christiansen. Transfer are today so we were driving a bunch of missionaries around trying to get them packed and in the right spots. I think we were running around from like 18-2230. And this morning we were taking people to the airport and running around some more. It has been probably the most stressful 18 hours of my mission haha. There is a lot that goes on in the mission office between Pres, the senior couples, the secretaries, and the APs that makes the mission funtion... I was somewhat unaware of that haha. But its been good and now everything is calm.

Also, another highlight from Sunday is that my families from Mahotas came to the Conference. All 4 of the families I baptized while there came yesterday!!! And 3 of the men are getting the Melchizedek Priesthood! Seeing them and talking to them and hearing about how they are doing was osum. Milusha is now the YW president, and they all just looked so happy, and different. I could see a difference in all of them. It was one of the few times were I have felt just joy to core. I was kind of overwhelmed by how happy they all made me and got a little teary-eyed (Im a sap I know). Mom and Dad you are going to love visiting them. I told them we will come by and they all almost lost it with excitement!

So ya, that was my pretty stellar week. Good way to end the transfer. Im excited for what this one holds. Only 3 left so better take advantage!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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