Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 51

I feel like I say this every week, but geez what a week! I guess thats a good thing, lots is going on in the osum place!

Unfortunately, I actually didnt get to work in my area a ton this week so we are still really unfamiliar with the area and we dont have a ton of investigators so we are really just trying to find a ton of new families. Its a fresh start. Elder Almeida had a nasty toothache on Wednesday and we had to go to a dentist. Let me tell you, that was probably the weirdest and most overwhelming experience of the mission so far. The dentist office is inside the capital city mall. Like a legit mall. We walked in and I almost lost my mind. It was soooo NICE! I was completely freaked out, I actually didnt even really like being in there, it was that overwhelming. The sadest part is we were with a senior couple, the Kimballs, and they just laughed at me and said this mall is the closest thing youll get to America, but it still isnt up to par. Freaked me out for America! Elder Almeida may have to get a root canal haha. We go back tomorrow to see.

Thursday I went on a division with the other zone leader, Elder Christiansen. We walked in my old area from my first transfer! I got to see Domingos e Christina, the first family I baptized! IT was sick. We also planned our zone training that we gave on Friday. We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and helping our zone and our investigators get a more "big picture" attitude. It went well.

Also, on the division we met a man that studied and graduated from U of I... what!? He is Mozambican but got a scholarship there from 92-95! Small world huh? Another funny story for you, well to me at least, you may think Im bad for laughing. The dump is in my area and we were walking by this week and I looked over and saw a big ole Machamba Mama, naked and trying on tshirts from the dump. I was so caught off guard that I didnt even know to look away I was just super unbelieving haha.

Well this is my last week with President e Sister Kretly. They leave this Thursday! Super weird. We went to their departing devotional yesterday, it was nice. Looking at just the year Ive been here they have done so much. Then, you look at their 3 year mission and they have completely flipped this country around. Super inspired couple and Im grateful to have been able to been part of their mission. Our new Pres gets here on the 2nd. Excited to get to know him.

Life sounds like its going osumly back home. Summer time is a good time. I miss you guys but Im having a blast over here. Ive got so many storied I dont write about just so I can tell them in person next summer! I love you all!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 50

Wow... week 50. That used to seem like an imaginary number, or some distant concept. Time is so out of whack here! Well as you heard, this week was kind of another crazy one. Lots of stuff going on lately, but it makes for some entertaining weeks.

Pday came and left without transfers, they were moved until Wednesday, so I hung a couple more days with Elder Green. Tuesday we didnt get to go into the area because we finally moved into our new house, for good! It is nice and clean and we set it up good. I finally got to take a hot, running water shower for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I was really getting tired of heating water up on the stove to take a warm bucket shower haha.

Wednesday we got transfers.... and I finally was kicked out of Chingassura. They sent me back down to Maputo! I am now working in the Capital. The greater area is called Magoanine, but the areas where I walk are called Mahotas, Laulene, and Hulene. It is a HUGE area. I honestly think the biggest in the mission. My new comp is from Angola. His name is Elder Almeida, pretty cool cat. We get along well and he speaks decent english. The only problem is we are white washing our area, meaning we are both brand new to the area. It has been rough these past few days trying to find peoples houses and get to know the members, but hey we are getting there. I also got put as zone leader with Elder Christiansen who was with me at the MTC so we are both at the same age in the mission.

The rest of the week Elder Almeida and I just tried to get to know the area as fast as possible. Sundaywas super nice. The church is a little bit more established here in Maputo and the meetings are organized and well run. The members here are really strong and inteligent!

I realized that a year from this week is when I will be getting back into America.... so crazy. Im going to lose my mind, because I have kind lost my mind being back here in Maputo. It is SOOO nice and urbanized compared to Beira. I thought I was already home this week haha. It really is a different game down here in the city, but its fun serving in different areas. I think now that I left Chingassura the mission is gonna fly by.

I didnt get to see Elder Douglas parents they were down in Maputo last week, and then went to Krueger Park in SA. Also I dont have any of Ipsens info, but he doesnt go home until the end of this transfer.

Well have a good summer week. I love you guys a ton!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Zone Leader

Dear Parents and Leaders,

Elder Grant Thomas Hruby has been called as a Zone Leader because of his hard work and good example to other missionaries. This position is very important and is a key for our success as a mission. Some of his responsibilities will include the following:
Represent the Mission President on certain issues, Help the missionaries in his area, Train the missionaries, Do splits with District Leaders, Have a strong relationship with the Branch and District leadership.

In addition, Elder Hruby will continue to have his own proselyting area where he will find, teach, and baptize families. Thank you for preparing such a wonderful missionary to serve in the Mozambique Maputo Mission. We appreciate your continued support and prayers for Elder Hruby.

With love and appreciation,
President Paulo V. Kretly
Mozambique Maputo Mission

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 49

Transfer number 7 down! I'm close to the halfway mark! Holy cow... Transfers didnt actually happen yet, the are pushed back until Wednesday, so I dont know if Im staying or leaving or who my comp will be.

This week was CRAZY! Super eventful and packed, twas fun. On Wednesday Douglas and I spent like 4 hours at the new house signing the contract and negotiating a few things, I felt kind of like a boss haha. We moved mattresses in that day and slept over at the new house because we wanted to take hot showers. Sadly, the water wasnt working and we slept without mosquito nets so I got eaten alive. Oh also the house has rats so I woke up multiple times to the noise of those litle feet scampering around my face. Ya it was definitely one of my less favorite nights on the mission haha.

Thursday was Zone Conference. President Kretly's last one! It was super osum. I had to translate for the new guys so that was a little distracting from the training, but I still loved it. He talked a lot about how far we have really come here. Reminding us of all the miracles that have actually happened and how the Lord has blessed this misssion. He just wants us to continue to do our part so the Lord will be able to continue to work Miracles. Pres shared Ether 12:4 with us talking about how hard life is without a belief in God. How our faith and the Gospel really are the only things that give us hope for a better world. I really like this scripture. I think it's one of those things were you never canr eally express just how happy and grateful you really are for what God has done, but you hope that He knows you are grateful for it.

Friday was sick too. They are making a documentary here about the history of the Church in Mozambique, mostly in the Kretly era, with the creation of the 2 stakes as the culminating event. Well an ex-elder from the mission is the one filming it. He came and filmed my district meeting that I gave on Friday and then interviewed me and took some footage of me and Elder Green contacting people in the road. it was fun, I felt famous haha. He said the movie should be done in about 2 months and they will send it out. Friday night Douglas left. I was pretty bummed cause he is my boy, but he is hanging with his Mom and Dad down in Maputo now so its all good.

And Satuday, obviously the best part of the entire week... 6 baptisms!!!!!! 7 months after we expected, Armando e Graca were finally baptized, and I got to baptize them! It was definitely my favorite baptism of the mission. Brings the total for the mission to 7 families and 35 people. This place is OSUM!

Well I will let you know about transfers when they happen. Enjoy the beautiful summer time. Until next week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Week 48

Twas a good week! Busy, but osum.

Lets see... For the most part the week was normal, with just walking in the area. I went on 2 division this week. I had to do the baptismal interviews for some other Elders' investigators. These week our district baptized 6 people, and Elder Green and I look to add 6 more this week! The Lord is blessing our areas. Friday, I walked with my boy Elder Douglas. Today is his last P-day. He sees his mom this Friday and goes home next week! We had a good time together. He is trying to get me to go to Michigan State with him when I get home. Cool school, too far.

Obviously, the best part of the week was Armando e Graca's WEDDING! Freakin crazy. I met them in October last year, and I was lucky enough to be here and witness their wedding. 7 months after we had planned haha. It was great. I wish you guys could have seen this Mozambican wedding. These people are flippin crazy! They are loud, goofy, happy, and know how to have a good time. Our family would fit right in haha. The wedding ceremony was firly simple, but the after party was nuts! Lots of good food, although I never ask what Im eating because it tastes good and I'd rather not know and ruin my appettite (or as Dane says, my habitat). The best part had to be the grandmas! They do this thing were they call people up as they are dancing and singing to give gifts to the newlyweds. Well when it was the grandmas turn they were not shy, and they brought their friends.Probably a good 10 women over the age of 70 just dancing, and singing and going hard. I loved it!

Next week Armando e Graca will be baptized, along with 4 other people. 2 youth, 1 members niece that lives with them, and a 25 year old named Lino. Lino is my bro. He has some fat dreads and is a painter! He is so dope and he asked me to baptize him, ya Im stoked!

Also my investigator Sandra gave birth on Saturday! So this was just a good week all around.

I finished the New Testament and Im currently halfway through Genesis. My goal is to read every single word in the Quad before the end of the mission. Still got the rest of the OT, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, and the Bible Dictionary. I gots my work cut out for me haha.

As far as replacing my camera and stuff I will just use my personal money, no big deal. We found a new house that is super nice. We move in tomorrow. Also President Kretly basically told me I am staying another transfer to get the house situated and make sure there is a smooth transition since Douglas goes home this week. Well 7 transfers in one area will be a lot, but hey its the best area in the mission so no complaints!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 47

Well what a week... I'll start with the good stuff.

First, last Monday we did a family night with some really solid investigators, Maitene e Sandra. They are cute family, super smart, super loving, and have a real desire to be baptized. They are one of the wealthier families I have taught. When we walked into their house for family night we walked into a full up dinner. I'm talking fried fish, chicken, egg salad, rice, beans, salad, and coke! It was so dang good! We ate and just talked for about 40 minutes. It was weird, I've never done that as a missionary haha. Dinner appointments are a strange concept to me. Afterwards we shared that same Restoration video with them. They understood it very well and then Elder Green and I closed with our testimonies. It was super quiet and they were really paying attention which allowed for the Spirit to be felt. One of the more spiritual moments of the mission for sure. We asked Maitene to close with a prayer and at the end he got choked up and closed his prayer quickly. When I looked up he was wiping tears from his eyes! I've never gotten anyone to cry because of a lesson! That was a highlight from the week.

The rest of the week was pretty normal as far as visits and work go. We got some more documents done for a few families who are looking at wedding and baptism at the end of this month. Armando e Graca are getting married this Saturday!!! I'm pumped, they are throwing a fat party. Gonna get some grub for sure.

Ok so now the not so happy part of the week. Our house was broken into Thursday night while we were out working. The broke threw our roof haha. We now have a sunroof in the kitchen! They stole my camera, usb, sd cards, ipod, and hairclippers. So ya I kind of got the short end of the stick there. The good news is I have uploaded a ton of pics on dropbox, so the most important photos are on there. We spent friday and saturday moving into some other elders house. We are going to try to find a new house this upcoming week, though. Makes for a good story at least.

Thats kinda bummy news but honestly this week was pretty good. The Lord has got his hand in this work and Im having a blast. Just turning the bad into good stories for after the mission.

I love guys. Have a good week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby