Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 51

I feel like I say this every week, but geez what a week! I guess thats a good thing, lots is going on in the osum place!

Unfortunately, I actually didnt get to work in my area a ton this week so we are still really unfamiliar with the area and we dont have a ton of investigators so we are really just trying to find a ton of new families. Its a fresh start. Elder Almeida had a nasty toothache on Wednesday and we had to go to a dentist. Let me tell you, that was probably the weirdest and most overwhelming experience of the mission so far. The dentist office is inside the capital city mall. Like a legit mall. We walked in and I almost lost my mind. It was soooo NICE! I was completely freaked out, I actually didnt even really like being in there, it was that overwhelming. The sadest part is we were with a senior couple, the Kimballs, and they just laughed at me and said this mall is the closest thing youll get to America, but it still isnt up to par. Freaked me out for America! Elder Almeida may have to get a root canal haha. We go back tomorrow to see.

Thursday I went on a division with the other zone leader, Elder Christiansen. We walked in my old area from my first transfer! I got to see Domingos e Christina, the first family I baptized! IT was sick. We also planned our zone training that we gave on Friday. We talked a lot about the Plan of Salvation and helping our zone and our investigators get a more "big picture" attitude. It went well.

Also, on the division we met a man that studied and graduated from U of I... what!? He is Mozambican but got a scholarship there from 92-95! Small world huh? Another funny story for you, well to me at least, you may think Im bad for laughing. The dump is in my area and we were walking by this week and I looked over and saw a big ole Machamba Mama, naked and trying on tshirts from the dump. I was so caught off guard that I didnt even know to look away I was just super unbelieving haha.

Well this is my last week with President e Sister Kretly. They leave this Thursday! Super weird. We went to their departing devotional yesterday, it was nice. Looking at just the year Ive been here they have done so much. Then, you look at their 3 year mission and they have completely flipped this country around. Super inspired couple and Im grateful to have been able to been part of their mission. Our new Pres gets here on the 2nd. Excited to get to know him.

Life sounds like its going osumly back home. Summer time is a good time. I miss you guys but Im having a blast over here. Ive got so many storied I dont write about just so I can tell them in person next summer! I love you all!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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