Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 50

Wow... week 50. That used to seem like an imaginary number, or some distant concept. Time is so out of whack here! Well as you heard, this week was kind of another crazy one. Lots of stuff going on lately, but it makes for some entertaining weeks.

Pday came and left without transfers, they were moved until Wednesday, so I hung a couple more days with Elder Green. Tuesday we didnt get to go into the area because we finally moved into our new house, for good! It is nice and clean and we set it up good. I finally got to take a hot, running water shower for the first time in almost 3 weeks. I was really getting tired of heating water up on the stove to take a warm bucket shower haha.

Wednesday we got transfers.... and I finally was kicked out of Chingassura. They sent me back down to Maputo! I am now working in the Capital. The greater area is called Magoanine, but the areas where I walk are called Mahotas, Laulene, and Hulene. It is a HUGE area. I honestly think the biggest in the mission. My new comp is from Angola. His name is Elder Almeida, pretty cool cat. We get along well and he speaks decent english. The only problem is we are white washing our area, meaning we are both brand new to the area. It has been rough these past few days trying to find peoples houses and get to know the members, but hey we are getting there. I also got put as zone leader with Elder Christiansen who was with me at the MTC so we are both at the same age in the mission.

The rest of the week Elder Almeida and I just tried to get to know the area as fast as possible. Sundaywas super nice. The church is a little bit more established here in Maputo and the meetings are organized and well run. The members here are really strong and inteligent!

I realized that a year from this week is when I will be getting back into America.... so crazy. Im going to lose my mind, because I have kind lost my mind being back here in Maputo. It is SOOO nice and urbanized compared to Beira. I thought I was already home this week haha. It really is a different game down here in the city, but its fun serving in different areas. I think now that I left Chingassura the mission is gonna fly by.

I didnt get to see Elder Douglas parents they were down in Maputo last week, and then went to Krueger Park in SA. Also I dont have any of Ipsens info, but he doesnt go home until the end of this transfer.

Well have a good summer week. I love you guys a ton!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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