Thursday, June 18, 2015

Week 49

Transfer number 7 down! I'm close to the halfway mark! Holy cow... Transfers didnt actually happen yet, the are pushed back until Wednesday, so I dont know if Im staying or leaving or who my comp will be.

This week was CRAZY! Super eventful and packed, twas fun. On Wednesday Douglas and I spent like 4 hours at the new house signing the contract and negotiating a few things, I felt kind of like a boss haha. We moved mattresses in that day and slept over at the new house because we wanted to take hot showers. Sadly, the water wasnt working and we slept without mosquito nets so I got eaten alive. Oh also the house has rats so I woke up multiple times to the noise of those litle feet scampering around my face. Ya it was definitely one of my less favorite nights on the mission haha.

Thursday was Zone Conference. President Kretly's last one! It was super osum. I had to translate for the new guys so that was a little distracting from the training, but I still loved it. He talked a lot about how far we have really come here. Reminding us of all the miracles that have actually happened and how the Lord has blessed this misssion. He just wants us to continue to do our part so the Lord will be able to continue to work Miracles. Pres shared Ether 12:4 with us talking about how hard life is without a belief in God. How our faith and the Gospel really are the only things that give us hope for a better world. I really like this scripture. I think it's one of those things were you never canr eally express just how happy and grateful you really are for what God has done, but you hope that He knows you are grateful for it.

Friday was sick too. They are making a documentary here about the history of the Church in Mozambique, mostly in the Kretly era, with the creation of the 2 stakes as the culminating event. Well an ex-elder from the mission is the one filming it. He came and filmed my district meeting that I gave on Friday and then interviewed me and took some footage of me and Elder Green contacting people in the road. it was fun, I felt famous haha. He said the movie should be done in about 2 months and they will send it out. Friday night Douglas left. I was pretty bummed cause he is my boy, but he is hanging with his Mom and Dad down in Maputo now so its all good.

And Satuday, obviously the best part of the entire week... 6 baptisms!!!!!! 7 months after we expected, Armando e Graca were finally baptized, and I got to baptize them! It was definitely my favorite baptism of the mission. Brings the total for the mission to 7 families and 35 people. This place is OSUM!

Well I will let you know about transfers when they happen. Enjoy the beautiful summer time. Until next week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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