Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 64

Another week of work down. Nothing super crazy from this week, but it was good. We got a lot done and had a good time doing it.

Elder Mejia and I gave our zone training this Tuesday and it went super well. It lasted about 2 hours. Lots of focus on the members and ward council. We sat in on our ward council yesterday... it was an experience. It is crazy how organized the Church is back home! But hey its getting better day by day here.

Moises e Ana got confirmed yesterday! Went flawlessly without any stress so Im grateful for that. They are crazy I love them haha.

We got Moises e Milusha┬║s marriage process open, and Ramalho e Felicidade are opening it today! The marriage and baptisms are going to be on the 10th! We also found some good potential families this week. One of them, Amos e Joana, are an older couple. I like him because he has a hitler stache haha. But actually they are really smart and he understood super well the organization of the Church aka prophet, apostles, and what not. He also came to church yesterday. It was super funny becasue he got lost so we had to go meet him on the corner of the road. When he saw us he started running over to meet us. This 65 year old Mozambican man running over to meet the 2 white dudes... I was laughing.

We should finally be moving into our new house this week. The senior couple went out and bought all the funiture and appliances and the bank payment went through so hopefully we get to sleep there this week. You know how I just love moving.

Well sorry this is kind of a boring email, but everything is going good over here. It is starting to get hot again... Im scared. But hey it means Im already going into my second Mozambican summer... woo! At least I will get tan again. Have a good week. Enjoy some more football for me.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 63

It wasn't flawless, but we got it done. Moises e Ana were baptized! We had the service scheduled for Saturday at 4pm. Around 11am we went over to clean out the baptismal font (a metal cage with a tarp inside it to hold water) and fill it up.Well while were were cleaning it I accidentally punched two holes into the tarp with a broom... long story. So we had to come back with duct tape and plastic grocery bags to try and do some patch work. Well, it worked, good enough at least. The only problem was by the time we finished the patch work water wasn't coming out of the hoses because the water companies shut off after 12. Don't ask why, I don't know. So we couldn't fill up the font. We had to reschedule until after church on Sunday. It ended up going super well. Because of the holes the hose wasn't filling up the font quite fast enough, so I spent half of gospel principles class and all of elders quorum filling up buckets and pouring them into the font haha. Gotta love Mozambique! Long story short, we baptized them and it was osum! A ton of members stuck around to watch so we had a good turnout. Moises was a little difficult to baptize, he didn't want to go under all the way, we tried twice but he was resisting, so the third time I just kicked his legs out from under him and dunked him as hard as I could haha... he went all the way under that time!

The rest of the week was pretty solid. We had our leadership council with Pres on Wednesday. It was good, as always. Lot of emphasis on working with our ward councils and work with the members. I liked it. Definitely a lot we can improve on. On Thursday Pres actually came out to our area and walked with me. It was just me and him walking in my area for about an hour doing contacts. He wanted to see how we do them. It was a good time. It was kind of funny to see your super spiritual mission President get rejected by guys in the road haha. But it was fun. He really liked it.

This week we are going to open the processes of Moises e Milusha and Ramalho e Felicidade! The are scheduled for Oct 10! The miracles just keep coming.

Time is flying by, and life just keeps going doesn't it?! I love hearing from you each week. Its like Christmas morning for me every Pday to see what you all have written in your emails. 

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 62

Whats up? Just living the life over here. This was another quick, good, full week.

My comp, Elder Mejia, didnt get here until Thursday night so I was walking with a new elder, Elder Fuchs, as he was waiting for his docs to go to Swazi. He was pretty cool. He already spoke the language because his parents are brazilian so that was nice.

My new comp is nice. We get alone super well. He is from Richmond California. He went to the high school from Coach Carter, cool right. His parents are from Nicaragua, but he and all his siblings were born in Belize. He lived in Cali since he was young, though. He is a cool dude. He is super into graffiti and art so he is gonna teach me how to do some of it haha.

This week was kind of whack with the weird transfers and docs and stuff so I didnt get a lot of time in the area, but what time we did have was nice. Moises e Ana got married on Saturday, and will be baptized next Saturday. We are trying doing the marriage and baptisms on different days to see if we can make the baptism a more spiritual event. Also, another couple, Moises e Milusha finished all their docs and will most likely open the marriage process this week. Ramalho e Felicidade are super close too. He gets home from a trip this Wednesday and only has to do one more document so we will try to open their process with Moises e Milusha as well!!! Is not this the most blessed area!? Im loving it!

Other than that I dont have much, just that I love hearing from you all. Our lives are osum! Win or lose. I had my second dinner appointment of my mission this last Sunday. The Bishop had the 6 elders over for a nice dinner. Needless to say I enjoyed.

I love you guys a ton. Each Monday I just get super pumped to hear from you and always leave internet refreshed and happy and ready for another week... thank you.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 61

Dad I also came to that same realization yesterday when I was putting my fast Sunday tie on... only 9 more times! Thats a very small number.

Guys this week was OSUM! We baptized David e Otilia... in the pouring rain, and they loved it! The wedding was great. Simple, but pretty, and man the baptisms were super nice. I sent a ton of photos. We went to their house afterwards and got to feast and pop fake champagne haha. I was loving it.

Transfers came today... I am staying here (YES!) and will be getting a new comp, Elder Magia. He is American, he was serving in Swazi and will be his first transfer as a zone leader. I am also moving houses because Pres opened up a new area and having 8 missionaries in one house doesnt work so well. So I have been house hunting and found a decent house that we might move into this week. Me and my comp and another companionship Elder McCallister and Elder Bott. McCallister is one of my buddies on the mish so Im pumped, Elder Bott is brand new but I dig him. He actually knows Kellen Copeland from a class at Weber! Crazy small world.

Actually to show you how small the world is get this... one of the Sisters in my zone is Alyssa Knowles cousin. The senior couple we have here have a nephew that was in my singles ward at the Academy. We got a new Elder from England, Elder Donker, yeah he is really good friends with Camilla Geddes! And then this Elder Bott that is friends with Kellen. Pretty insane right?

Well this week Moises e Ana will be getting married and baptized as well. The work never stops! Im loving it.

Thanks for all the updates about football. Makes my life infinitley better haha. Im giddy all pday because of it. I cannot believe how raw bjack is! I love you guys have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby