Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 64

Another week of work down. Nothing super crazy from this week, but it was good. We got a lot done and had a good time doing it.

Elder Mejia and I gave our zone training this Tuesday and it went super well. It lasted about 2 hours. Lots of focus on the members and ward council. We sat in on our ward council yesterday... it was an experience. It is crazy how organized the Church is back home! But hey its getting better day by day here.

Moises e Ana got confirmed yesterday! Went flawlessly without any stress so Im grateful for that. They are crazy I love them haha.

We got Moises e Milusha┬║s marriage process open, and Ramalho e Felicidade are opening it today! The marriage and baptisms are going to be on the 10th! We also found some good potential families this week. One of them, Amos e Joana, are an older couple. I like him because he has a hitler stache haha. But actually they are really smart and he understood super well the organization of the Church aka prophet, apostles, and what not. He also came to church yesterday. It was super funny becasue he got lost so we had to go meet him on the corner of the road. When he saw us he started running over to meet us. This 65 year old Mozambican man running over to meet the 2 white dudes... I was laughing.

We should finally be moving into our new house this week. The senior couple went out and bought all the funiture and appliances and the bank payment went through so hopefully we get to sleep there this week. You know how I just love moving.

Well sorry this is kind of a boring email, but everything is going good over here. It is starting to get hot again... Im scared. But hey it means Im already going into my second Mozambican summer... woo! At least I will get tan again. Have a good week. Enjoy some more football for me.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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