Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Week 63

It wasn't flawless, but we got it done. Moises e Ana were baptized! We had the service scheduled for Saturday at 4pm. Around 11am we went over to clean out the baptismal font (a metal cage with a tarp inside it to hold water) and fill it up.Well while were were cleaning it I accidentally punched two holes into the tarp with a broom... long story. So we had to come back with duct tape and plastic grocery bags to try and do some patch work. Well, it worked, good enough at least. The only problem was by the time we finished the patch work water wasn't coming out of the hoses because the water companies shut off after 12. Don't ask why, I don't know. So we couldn't fill up the font. We had to reschedule until after church on Sunday. It ended up going super well. Because of the holes the hose wasn't filling up the font quite fast enough, so I spent half of gospel principles class and all of elders quorum filling up buckets and pouring them into the font haha. Gotta love Mozambique! Long story short, we baptized them and it was osum! A ton of members stuck around to watch so we had a good turnout. Moises was a little difficult to baptize, he didn't want to go under all the way, we tried twice but he was resisting, so the third time I just kicked his legs out from under him and dunked him as hard as I could haha... he went all the way under that time!

The rest of the week was pretty solid. We had our leadership council with Pres on Wednesday. It was good, as always. Lot of emphasis on working with our ward councils and work with the members. I liked it. Definitely a lot we can improve on. On Thursday Pres actually came out to our area and walked with me. It was just me and him walking in my area for about an hour doing contacts. He wanted to see how we do them. It was a good time. It was kind of funny to see your super spiritual mission President get rejected by guys in the road haha. But it was fun. He really liked it.

This week we are going to open the processes of Moises e Milusha and Ramalho e Felicidade! The are scheduled for Oct 10! The miracles just keep coming.

Time is flying by, and life just keeps going doesn't it?! I love hearing from you each week. Its like Christmas morning for me every Pday to see what you all have written in your emails. 

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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