Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 61

Dad I also came to that same realization yesterday when I was putting my fast Sunday tie on... only 9 more times! Thats a very small number.

Guys this week was OSUM! We baptized David e Otilia... in the pouring rain, and they loved it! The wedding was great. Simple, but pretty, and man the baptisms were super nice. I sent a ton of photos. We went to their house afterwards and got to feast and pop fake champagne haha. I was loving it.

Transfers came today... I am staying here (YES!) and will be getting a new comp, Elder Magia. He is American, he was serving in Swazi and will be his first transfer as a zone leader. I am also moving houses because Pres opened up a new area and having 8 missionaries in one house doesnt work so well. So I have been house hunting and found a decent house that we might move into this week. Me and my comp and another companionship Elder McCallister and Elder Bott. McCallister is one of my buddies on the mish so Im pumped, Elder Bott is brand new but I dig him. He actually knows Kellen Copeland from a class at Weber! Crazy small world.

Actually to show you how small the world is get this... one of the Sisters in my zone is Alyssa Knowles cousin. The senior couple we have here have a nephew that was in my singles ward at the Academy. We got a new Elder from England, Elder Donker, yeah he is really good friends with Camilla Geddes! And then this Elder Bott that is friends with Kellen. Pretty insane right?

Well this week Moises e Ana will be getting married and baptized as well. The work never stops! Im loving it.

Thanks for all the updates about football. Makes my life infinitley better haha. Im giddy all pday because of it. I cannot believe how raw bjack is! I love you guys have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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