Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 52 a.k.a ONE YEAR!!!

Just in case you guys didn't know, 52 weeks makes 1 YEAR! Yup thats right im officail. It seems insane to think Ive seriously been out for 1 year. Thats half a mission! In case you cant tell Im pretty stoked.

Funny to think a year ago I was with you guys floating the river and laughing as Dad cringed getting his foot cleaned out with a super powered squirt gun haha! Even weirder to think that the next 4th of July we will be partying together! I drew and colored in an American flag in my journal to celebrate here.

So this week was good enough. It went by pretty quickly. To be honest the mission here in Maputo is way different than in Beira. There is a different culture down here. The people are a bit more stubborn and its way more difficult to find new investigators, but the flip side is those that are baptized really are converted and the members here are really strong. It doesn't help that we are white washing the area, so we have been walking around a lot just trying to talk to people in the road and knock on doors to find new families to teach. For the first time on my mission we had 0 families at church. Hurt a little, but hey no one said itd be easy. Weve got another week so we will see what we can do, weve got some new families that look promising.

Thursday we went to the airport and wished the Kretlys off. We sang hymns as the came in, well I didnt really sing because Im tone deaf, but I was good support haha. President and Sister Koch are in Swaziland because they still dont have their visas. So Im still waiting to meet them. Im guessing he will do a meeting with all the zone leaders pretty soon. Well see.

Well sorry, but I didnt do another list for my year mark. I was looking at my 6 month list and realized that its a lot of the same stuff, Ive just learned it better. But because Elder Packer passed away I read his last talk from conference, and also Elder Perry's last talk. It was interesting to me that they both emphasized very clearly the importance of family. I was thinking about that and how thats all we teach here and how important it is in the Plan of Salvation. I realized that family is probably the one thing Ive learned most about in my 1 year here. I teach it everyday but I havent taken a ton of time to look at in my own life. I am so enternally grateful for the family I have. I dont know what we did, or why Heavenly Father has chosen to bless us so much, but I could never have hand picked a better family than mine. My gratitude and testimony of families have grown so much in this last year. If I learn nothing else from my mission, at least I will love and cherish my family and the blessing we receive as a family in the Temple. Eu sei que as famílias realmente podem ser eternas e podemos viver juntos para sempre. Sei, sem duvida, que a família traz a maior felicidade nesta vida, e na vida que vem. Sei que o conhecimento e a aplicação do evangelho na família nos ajudam ter a alegria que Deus quer que tenhamos. E sei que eu tenho a melhor família no mundo inteiro!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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