Thursday, July 23, 2015

Week 54

Hello Family!

Twas a good week. We met Pres e Sis Koch (pronounced Koh) on Tuesday and had a mini zone conference. We had a nice brunch and then he gave a training for about 3 hours. It was super nice. The vision didnt exactly switch, we still are focusing on families and doing the most we can, but he gave a nice twist. He basically talked all about the foundation of the Gospel, which is happiness. He said as missionaries we are here to share happiness, which we oursleves should be happy. He wants us to enjoy serving and help others enjoy living the Gospel, not just because the missionaries told them to. The main focus is the really convert people instead of throwing up huge numbers. I loved it! We have a lot of missionaries, myself included at times, that do things just to get a number instead of really helping people. Just in these few days since the training I can already see a difference in our lessons and in our investigators. It means more to them, and in turn to me. I feel like a real missionary haha.

The rest of the week was just a good work week. We had a decent amount of time in the area and got to sit with some good families. We had 4 families at church yesterday! Also, one of our couples, Moises e Ana have all their documents done. The marked 15 of August for their wedding and baptism!

We found some super rich houses in our area this week. These houses are like as big or bigger than our house. I know we dont live in a mansion, but Im not naive we gots a nice house. For these people to have a house like that here is insane. We knocked a few doors and 2 of them marked visits. We sat with one of the guys yesterday. He is super devoted to another church, but hey we will at least give it a try and let him hear it.

Other than that I got no crazy stories for you this week, sorry! Hope life is going good back home, sounds like it is. Also, I didnt recognize Ben in that picture, since when did you grow facial hair? Freaking time sucks! Not to give you a bigger head than you already have bjack, but youre looking like a worthy opponent for a wrestling match now. But I'll give you about one more year to prepare yourself, maybe then you will stand an even better chance. Ok love you guys! Im happy here, lifes fun.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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