Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 55

Well transfer #8 down! Im a big boy now. So transfers came in today and I am staying in my area, but I will be comps with the other zone leader, Elder Christiansen. I'm kind of bummed because Woolley got sent down to Swaziland so Im losing him. The house is going to have 2 brand new Elders in their first transfers so I have to be a good example and not corrupt them haha. Should be fun.

This week was pretty solid, as far as work goes, the fight continues. We are constantly teaching and trying to find good new families. We are also really trying hard to establish a better relationship with the members so we are visiting everyone! It is nice cause we get to meet some super osum people. The members here are bosses! We actually got to eat dinner yesterday at the Bishop's house. He is pretty wealthy, and his wife is in medicine. She actually studied in California for a bit so they both speak english. It was super nice to get a meal cooked for me instead of doing it myself haha I know Im lazy.

Last Pday we had a zone activity and went to the mission office to watch Meet the Mormons. It was even better the second time. Afterwords we went and played soccer on the beach. Im still stupid bad at soccer but I try cause its sports and I miss being athletic. Also, Elder Ipsen went home last Pday! I got to see him in the mission home 5 minutes before he left! Man when I met him he had only been on the mission for a year and 2 months! Now he is already home... I was stoked that I got to send my trainer off, though.

Well I wont lie the highlight of the week had to be dinner with Josh. I got a call tuesday night from my old comp Elder Green. He was like, "uh Elder Hruby your british friend called..." I freaked out and told him to send me his number haha. I talked to Josh and planned out dinner for Wednesday night. Called Pres that morning and he approved it all so it was nice. Even better was I was on a division with Woolley so he got to enjoy the dinner and meet Josh. We spent like 2 hours at the restaurant. It was actually the same restaurant I ate at my very first night in the country! It was a blast. We havent laughed that hard in forever! Also, Im in love with Josh's hair and have been inspired to do the same after my mission! Just an fyi Josh and I decided we need to do a Hruby/Geddes family vacation when I get home, so get to planning you guys!

Well another week/transfer down. Another one to come. Should be a good one. Just so you all know... football season starts this transfer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok glad we are on the same page.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

Also I forgot, I got peed on by a dog this week. Ok that is all.

We met the Geddes family when we lived in England over 15 years ago and have been friends ever since. Crazy that Josh was in Mozambique with the soccer club he works for and got to meet up with Grant!

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