Monday, August 17, 2015

Week 58

We did work this week! It was a good time. We were super blessed and things seem to be running smoothly. I forgot to tell you guys last week Irma Artimiza, she is the Primary President in our ward, called me at 630 Monday morning to sing happy birthday to me, in Portuguese and then English haha. She then made me Mozambican brownies. They aren't even really similar to real brownies but man they tasted good!

So this week we got a lot done. David e Utilia got the last of their docs and we are going tomorrow morning to open their marriage process for them to get married and baptized of Sept 5!!!!! So stoked. Ramlho e Felicidade also were able to get some doc success this week, they are looking good for sometime in Sept as well! Can you say blessed? Also, this week we were showered with references, well 7, but thats a lot for us. They are all pretty solid, and one of the families came to church yesterday! We had a big turnout, 3 complete families, 2 of which were new, and 15 total investigators. I love Sundays like these. The work is really fun when you have all the aspects in play, contacts, references (referrals), part-member families, less-actives, and Temple prep families!

Saturday we went down to the city to do a service project with the entire zone and Pres e Sis Koch. Because of church rules and children being at the school where we were going to work, the service got cancelled. Instead of wasting all our time and just heading home Pres gave us a "mini" Pday and we all went to play soccer and bball at another school. Pres played with us too. He is filthy at soccer... typical Brazilian.

So I'm working my way through the Old Testament right now... its a doozy at times. But reading the student manual alongside it helps a lot. I read the story of Samson this week and how he had so much promised him and given to him, but he kind of ended up throwing it all away pridefully, ending in his own death. There is a really interesting commentary in the manual that talks about how the one thing that Samson lacked was self-discipline. He had everything, the looks, strength, wealth, family, girl, and the backing of the Lord, but the one thing he couldn't control was himself. He ended up forfeiting his blessing because he couldn't be humble and listen to the Lord and let other things go. He also sucked at holding himself back from his impulses (for revenge, glory, girls, etc.). It was an interesting thought. Something that I have been working on, especially being disciplined enough not to argue with a drunk guy just because he gets under my skin haha.

I saw a monkey chained up as a pet at one of our less-actives houses so that is cool. I bought a camera, and yes all those transactions are right Mom. I bought a new shirt, and then I had to pay cash for the camera so to get enough out of the ATM I had to do 3 withdrawals. Thanks for keeping track, though. I uploaded about 20 pics, so I hope you can see them, just in case I'll send a couple through email. Well I love you guys! Cant believe summer is over. But its a good thing because next summer I'll be there to enjoy it with ya!
 Much Love,
 Elder Hruby

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