Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Week 57

I am 20.... Is that weird to anyone else?! That is a big number. 20 means like adultish. I dont feel like an adult. But hey one thing is nice, the Lord gave me a Pday for a bday present!

Super nice, Elder Larsen, one of the new Elders, woke up early and made me pancakes for breakfast. He came in at 625 to wake me up, but hey I wasnt mad it was free, good food! Today we are just gonna go downtown and Im going to try again to find a good camera, I didnt succeed last week. But I did find a NIKE store and had to go in and buy myself a present, so I bought a sick new workout shirt to motivate me to workout in the mornings... Im getting fat:( Its crazy to think about how Ive celebrated my last 3 birthdays, including today. 18th sleeping all day cause I had just finished basic, 19th in the MTC, also sleeping a good amount haha, and 20th... wishing I could sleep all day! Funny how life works. 21 is gonna be a doozy for sure!

This week was super good. We are working super hard, and I am more tired than Ive ever been on the mission. I struggle everyday to stay awake during studies, and almost every night I fall asleep at the table eating my yogurt and granola haha. But I really enjoy it. We are putting in work and getting blessed. We have 2 amazing families that we are teaching. These 2 are already in my top 3 families that Ive met here. David e Utilia are the most prepared family in the world. We taught them the Plan of Salvation and marriage on Thursday and they are already doing documents and we are going to try to open the marriage process this Friday. That would be a mission record btw! They are the best. We also have Ramalho e Felicidade, and their beautiful 7 year old daughte Nilza. Nilza has me wrapped around her finger. I love that little girl. We were walking to church yesterday and she ran up to walk with me and held my hand the whole way their. Makes a 20year old's heart melt. They are working on docs right now as well. We are looking for early Septemeber for them! Life is going good right now.

I dont have a ton else to say, oh we had our first Stake Conference in Maputo yesterday. It was super well run and there were really good talks. The stake is focusing a ton on sending families to the Temple. Out of 1,996 adult members in the stake, only 153 have gone to the Temple! We are working hard on that. Oh I also forgot, Elder Christiansen and I went and sat with the Stake Presidency this week and had a little Q&A with them for about 45 minutes. We gave a zone trainingon Saturday to the missionaries in our zone so we wanted to sit with the Stake leaders and get any ideas from them that we could relay to the zone. It went super well. So did the training.

Well now I dont think I have much else to say. I love you guys, thanks for the video and the emails! I miss you all and cant wait to celebrate my next birthday with some Red Robin and pumpkin pie! If I find a reasonly priced camera I will start taking more pics and send them your way!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

A birthday shirt...and we disagree that he is getting fat. Still looks pretty ripped to us!

Some birthday pancakes

Birthday hammock time

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