Friday, February 5, 2016

Week 82

Oh my lanta for the stars of liza... its February! What they heck!? It was just New Years like last week. My comp goes home in 3 weeks! Ive said it many times, but time is just a trip here on the mission. I love it.

Good weeks just keep rolling. They are good, not for lack of struggles, exhaustion, nor frustrations, but the few good families make everything worth it... especially when they come to church!!! Joel e Sara came to church for the third straight week. We visited them on Saturdaynight and he told us he wasnt going to be able to come to church because of work. We had a really good lesson with them and didnt try to convice him to come we just talked about how when we put God first good stuff happens and Joel would be blessed if he came to church. Showed up on Sunday and he wasnt there... literally seconds before Sacrament Meeting started he walked in! Ya this guy is legit. He will be baptized, the question is just when. We are working for the 20th of this month, we will see how ready they are to act!

We also had a new family come to church. Totti e Beatice. He is a member. They are super young 21 and 19 respectively. But they are extremely smart and are fun to sit with. We will start working more with them this week.

The rest is pretty standard. Elder Ellingson and I are just wiped every Sunday night. We look forward to rest on pday! Everyone else thinks we are lame because we dont go play soccer or do anything other than internet and groceries before going back to the house for the rest of the afternoon. Today is especially nice. I getting over another lame head cold and Ellingson has some of the most wicked blisters youve ever seen on his feet. Looks like he has a giant hole in his right foot. The dude is a trooper though haha. Missionary work smacks basic around like a red headed step child. Sorry that may have been a little politically incorrect haha.

My story for you this week is how my life was threatened by a Major in the Moz Army. We got a boleia, hitchike, from this Major on the way home one night and I was making small talk. He wanted to practice his english so we were speaking english with him. He was a pretty funny guy and we were laughing a lot. I started trying to see if we could visit him another day and share our message. I asked if he had a wife and he said he just had a girlfriend. I forgot what I said after that but it triggered something and he was like "why you want to know huh? What you want to know about my gf for? You gonna steal her from me? I will kill you myself!" Um... what?! You can imagine the akward silence that took place after that insane statement. Then he just started laughing and said he was just playing around... ok physco. So thats my story for you this week. Made me laugh at least.

I love you guys and love hearing about how osum all your lives are. We have a pretty cool family. Have a good week. Thanks for all the prayers.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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