Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Week 81

Two solid weeks in a row! After 3 months here I finally feel like Elder Ellingson and I have a good grip on things. For the second straight week we popped off 25 lessons and found 34 potential new families. Out of 34 maybe 10 will actually sit with us, but still we are finding a good amount.

Guess what? Joel e Sara came to church again! They were super early too. They were there before we showed up. Man I love good families. We had some pretty solid, spiritual lessons with them this week. He is starting to recognize the promptings of the Spirit and he is liking it. He committed to baptism, and we really hit hard repentance this past week so we can teach about marriage tomorrow. Hoping everything continues well. Your prayers are appreciated for sure.

Other cool news, on Wednesday night we had a live missionary broadcast. It was for all missions all over the world. It was the first time they have done one of these in over a decade! It was with Elders Anderson, Oaks, Bednar, Stevenson, and Renlund. The big emphasis... "We teach Repentance, and baptize Converts." We have too many recent-converts falling away because we aren't teaching them correctly before baptism, so we got a reenergized focus on teaching the gospel in the right order with the right focus. It was sick. And as always Pres e Sis Koch with the Senior couples took care of us all afterwards and bought us pizza! Oh how I love good food, not cooked myself!

I finished the Pearl of Great Price and now am onto my last book of the Standard Works, Doctrine and Covenants. Man I love the scriptures. They are pretty freaking sweet! Cant help but feeling good when you read them and you learn something every time you read.

As for the rest of the week... not a ton really. At least not a ton I want to write about... I'll keep some stories for in person;) Don't worry Mom, I didn't electrocute myself again or get hurt in any form. Actually in fact, Sister Kimball, one of the senior couples, made me take some sunscreen from the office on Wednesday and promise to put it on everyday. Apparently I was pretty sunburnt. Who knew? I guess Im just so used to it haha.

Well I love you guys tons, and am super thankful for how blessed our crazy family is! Have a great week.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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