Saturday, January 23, 2016

Week 80

Cool weather and some progress in the area, I'd say it was a pretty good week. Note super exciting as far as interesting life stories, but with investigators is was nice. Well it couldn't really have gotten worse than last week haha, but it was in all honesty a tender mercy this week. I think we may have found our family that can be baptized this transfer to send Elder Ellingson out the right way.

The family is Joel e Sara. It is kind of a wordy story so bear with me. 2 Sundays ago we were out working in the morning before church and this lady called us over in the road. We stopped to talk to her and found out she is a member that was baptized as a teenager 10 years ago. Not super rare to run into old inactive members, but whenever we do we try to take an opportunity to visit them and see their interest level in coming back to church. We ended up visiting her and her non-member husband, Joel, this week. Come to find out Joel already knew us! 6 weeks ago we contacted him in the road and marked a visit with him, a visit that for some reason never happened. We looked back at our planners from last transfer and Joel was the very first man we contacted! To make the story better we taught a nice Restoration lesson and he understood pretty well. Sara is super stoked to come back to church so she is helping a lot. We taught on Tuesday and went back on Saturday. On Saturday we just followed up, but at the end Joel e Sara wanted to share scrips they had read together in the BoM... super sick! And to top it of... They came to church! Originally he wasn't going to be able to make it because he had a work commitment at 13 which is the time church starts, but he showed up and said he had cancelled it to come... sounds pretty legit to me.

The rest of the area is going decently. Elder Ellingson and I have got a good hold on our area by now so we work it well. We are able to get about 25 lessons a week now... the transfer before I got here the area averaged 14. We are getting blessed for sure... even if we cant make people progress. There are always several families in potential that could become some legit investigators but we will see as the days roll on.

We had zone conference on Thursday. It was osum as usual. The training was actually basically the same one given to us 2 weeks ago in our leadership council, but this time it was to the whole zone so that we are all on the same page. Good stuff, and a good refresher. Sis Koch talked about Pride vs Humility. Quoted a lot the talk by Pres Benson Beware of Pride. I need to study that a LOT more. The other thing that stuck out to me was something Pres Koch said. He said that we do a lot of things and sweat and stress over the work but we forget why we do all of it. Not just in the mission but in life. We forget why we are evening busting are selves to get stuff done. It was a good little reminder.

Well thats about it for my week. I cant believe you guys bought an arcade machine... who are you people?! I love my family. You guys rock! Have another great week and treat the baby good for his BDAY!!!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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