Friday, January 8, 2016

Week 78

Happy New Year family! Hope you guys had a good time. I sure did... sleeping through the new year, but its all good I love my precious sleep time. We actually had to come in early on New Years Eve, around 1700, to avoid the craziness. Mozambicans love to party thats for sure. So we got a little bit of extra chill time in the house this week.

On Wednesday we had the leadership council with Pres Koch. He flew all the zone leaders in from all the zone in the country and in Swazi. We had a training from 9-16h. Long, but super good. Probably the best leadership training Ive been at. We talked about some of the mission goals for 2016 and what needs to happen to get there. A large part of the training was learning how to be better leaders. Not like a sports team captain or a leader at the Academy, but a leader in the Church. We studied D&C 121:34-46. It was super legit, I enjoyed. Ive got a lot to work on. I was definitely trained and cultured into being more of a forceful leader on the field or in a workout so I took a lot out of the training. Always learning.

Transfers got moved up a week so today was the big news. Me and Ellingson are staying together for another transfer. It is his last! This will be our 3rd together, Ive never done 3 with one comp. Good thing we like each other.

The area is picking up, slowly but surely. Magre e Sarifa are getting better, there is just some little hesitation on her part about the marriage. They have had relationship issues in the past, but they are changing as they do the little things. Weird the gospel changes people. We also are teaching a widow with two 26 year old twin sons. They are doing good. We are hoping to baptize these 5 on Feb 13! Our goal for this transfer is 7 in total. I would be stoked.

I finally finished the Old Testament this week. Only took me like 5 months. I learned a lot, but probably will never read it from cover to cover again, but one time is worth it. It makes the New Testament and the BoM make a lot more sense actually. Now on the the PoGP and then D&C to get all the standard works done on the mission. Wooh!

Last thing, in the training from Pres he told a cool story that I liked, and I felt like it applied to my area recently. In short it goes something like this; " The Lord told a man to move a giant boulder from one spot to another, the man pushed and pushed for days upon days but was never able to get the boulder to budge, not even an inch. After a long while of this the man finally turned to the Lord and asked, 'why are you having me to this, it is impossible, Ive tried and tried my very hardest, but I cant even get this thing to move, whats the point?' The Lord then responded, 'look at your muscles. Look at your shoulders and your arms, and your legs. Look at how strong you have become because of this boulder." I thought it was a cool little story.

Well have a great first full week of 2016! This is gonna be a good year... I can feel it in my bones!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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