Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 86

Week 1 in this crazy place is complete! It was pretty good, different, but new stuff is entertaining. With all that happens in these 2 years of the mission, I dont know if there is a single greater way/place to learn more and gain more insight for life, not to mention the gospel.

So this week we had a couple of chores we had to take care of in the office. We were there basically everyday from 1030-15, then we got the rest of the day to work in the area. Elder Christiansen said normally we are in the office a lot less which is nice, it was kind of overwhelming and the computer hurts my eyes after so long. We put together all of Maningue news and we also had organize our leadership council this week as Pres was in Beira so we ran it from down here.

The area is sick! It is the poorest area I have served in... or seen for that matter. We walk through some alleys where I have to turn sideways to fit through while at the same time shuffling my feet so I dont fall into sewage haha... totally my kind of area, makes for the best stories. Chamanculo (my area) is one of the oldest in the mission, so weve got some pretty old members and some of the pioneers of the Church in Moz here. Right now we are just running around talking to as many people as possible trying to find those prepared families. We had one family at church, Anotnio e Cartilha. They are so sweet. We also have another 5 or so families that we are going back to, to see if they will progress and come this week. Its crazy how much the work changes from area to area. As far as numbers go, here in Chamanculo even with all the office work we did, we blew my stats out of the water from Liberdade. But its just a different style.

I was really looking forward to Pday. I need some rest haha. Last night we had to go get Pres e Sis Koch from the airport at like midnight so we only got 6 hours of sleep, but thats why the missionary sabbath (Pday) was created. I really dig being around Pres more. Our meetings with him are pretty legit. Definitely get a bigger/clearer perspective on all that is going on with our mission.

Well such is life. Its a good one for sure. Glad to hear everything is solid back home. I love and miss you all. Have another osum week! Talk to you in MARCH!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

PS: Im still not driving. I am renewing my international drivers permit, then Christiansen has to teach me how to drive stick, but hey these Ford Rangers are pretty sleek!

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