Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 87

The mission just keeps a rolling on! I cannot believe it is MARCH! Basically everyone I met on the mission is already home. We are all so old now, not a fan.

This week was legit. Not because it was perfect the whole week, but it ended on a really high note. In all honesty it didnt start out that great. It is weird being an assistant. We live with just the office Elders and they are basically always at the mission home taking care of finances and whatnot so they hardly ever interact with anyone. Our house hasnt had water since Ive been here, and Elder Christiansen said it has been without water for almost 2 months, so now we basically moved into the mission home, but it feels more like we are encroaching, rather than living. I felt super isolated this week since we dont really get to interact with anyone else. Pres also told us that Elder Christiansen and I are going to stay together as aps until the end (we are in the same group). I love this guy, but serving 4 transfers with anyone is hard, so I was a bit overwhelmed earlier this week. Until Saturday we had interviews with Pres. I actually told him that I didnt think me being ap was the best bet haha. Im such a whimp. But as always the wise mission president explained why I was called and what I was to do. So long story short I was pouted for myself, but Pres cleared some things up and Im ret to go until June.

That was the majority of the week, but like I said the week ended on a super good note. Yesterday was Stake Conference and Antonio e Cartilha came... again! We taught them about the Law of Chastity this week and they are so down to get married asap! We just have to help them get their docs from their other provinces. We also taught 3 LEGIT families in the last 2 days. Lucio e Janita, he was a pastor for a local church, but he understood the Restoration and BoM better than anyone I have ever taught! We read through the entire introduction with him and his wife point by point for like an hour and a half because they were asking the sickest questions and understanding! He also came to church. This other family, Manuel e Maria, are too cool. They are a referral from a High Priest in the Stake. We sat with them last night at the members house and they basically said that from what they had heard from their member friends that they already wanted to join and be baptized... what?! In the span of 2 days our area flipped around and it is looking beautiful now! Feeling like Im back in Mahotas again.

Funny story... well at least to me. We were knocking doors this week and had this man open up and let us in for a lesson. His wife wasnt home so we kind of just got to know him and talk about who we are and what we do. He seemed pretty nice and like a good guy. At the end after the prayer we were heading out and he asked if he could give us new names... ok? Me being me, I was all for it so I said yes haha. He said I was Adam... I thought it was cool enough.Then he looked at Elder Christiansen and said, "hmm, your comp is Adam, and Im not gonna say you are Eve, bbbuutttt... you are the Eve here." HAHAHAHA what the heck? I thought it was bloody hilarious! Christiansen was soo mad too. He held a grudge for like 3 days and wouldnt go back to the guys house haha. So if you want you can address me as Adam from now on;)

I think thats all I got for this week. Im still not driving since I havent renewed my license yet, maybe by the end of this week I will be, but no stress people drive so slow here so there are never real accidents. Heading out to play gator ball now, wish me luck so my body doesnt die!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

"We knocked on a door that turned out to be an art museum!"

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