Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Week 88

Now just a disclaimer before you all think that I'm not focused and whatnot here in Africa, I am still sweating, a little less now that I have a car, and I'm still trying to find families to be baptized, but yes I too had realized that we are now only in double digit days until I see Mom and Dad!

I'm looking to go out with a bang. I think the Lord has similar plans in mind too because this week was just a great big giant all in one blessing! For the first time since October we had 3 families at church again, all 3 were there for the first time too. It felt soooo good! Manuel e Maria are so dang sweet. They are prepping for 02 April for baptism, and hopefully there 5 daughters. Maria has some physical disabilities so she walks with crutches, but she still came to church. I love them. Candido e Ana, they are a young couple that I totally misjudged. Our first lesson with them was mediocre at best and I didn't think we would really ever see them again. The last 3 visits with them have been really nice and Ana who said a grand total of 2 words the first visit is opening up and smiling and its great. After church we went and sat with them again and Candido introduced us to 5 more families that we are going to try to teach... all his friends and family. Sick right!? The last family is Lloyd e Maria. Man they are legit. They mess with your heart a little though. They are young, but pretty wealthy and just a cute little family with their 1 daughter. We have extremely spiritual lessons with them, but he kind of has commitment issues, but nonetheless they came to church and seemed to love it. We got plans to take some powerhouse members over to visit with us! Blessings, well visible ones, are starting to pour out again and Im grateful.

We have been running around like crazy this week trying to take care of our area and get zone conference ready at the same time. We have our training done now (gonna talk all about faith) and the presentation is set so that's a lot of stress gone. We have zone conf in Maputo on Wed, in Beira on Fri and in Swazi next Tues! I'm stoked to go back up to Beira and see it. I have been gone for almost a year! And Swazi is just going to blow me away Ive hear. Elder Christiansen says its like Park City!

On Friday we got a little spoiled... we got to eat lunch at President's! Sis Kock mad a BOMB lunch. We ate probably enough for 10 people, but no regrets. She even gave us ice cream for dessert! We were over there because we had to fill out a questionnaire with Pres. At the end of May/beginning of June Pres Carl B. Cook is coming for a mission tour so we had to fill out some questions he asked the Pres and Aps. Then afterwards we spent like 2 hours with Pres Koch working on transfers. Who will go where and who can be comps and stuff like that. It was cool to see how Pres does that stuff and the amount of thought he puts into all the little details. Also, how much love he has for all the missionaries. He really doesn't judge us or hold grudges. Something I need to work on.

Today just trying to rest up for a busy week. I'm excited for it though. It'll be nice. I cant believe how fast time is going. It is a weird feeling to be where I saw so many other missionaries at as they were getting ready to go home. Good news is there is still plenty of time to take care of these families we are teaching and even find more before the end! Glad you all are doing so good. I love you all and hope you have a solid week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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