Friday, February 12, 2016

Week 83

With another week down and my release date getting moved up... we are under 20 weeks left. I will only wear my fast Sunday tie 4 more times! Weird right?! This week was good, tiring, but that's better than the alternative. We are in a good groove this transfer, teaching legit families and finding new ones, and we had our highest Sacrament attendance in 5 months! All good stuff.

We again had 2 families at church which is always a blessing and I will never be upset about that. Unfortunately, Joel didnt come this week. He went to do something in the morning and didn't make it back in time. The good news is I think he felt bad, and noticed a difference not being there. Sometimes they have to miss just to see why they should really go. Totti e Beatrice came again! They are progressing super well! They look happy. Our new family, Agostinho e Ana, also came. And they loved it! Ana's oldest sister, Nadia, is one our strongest members so that is a great support system. Those are our 3 main families and they are legit and I'm happy to get to teach them.

The rest is going well. The weather has been bearable so that's always a plus. We walked with a returned missionary this week, Irmao Adilson. He served in the London, England mission! I already asked if he knew or had ever heard about the Geddes... no  :(. But he was a blast to walk with.It is fun hearing about other missions and getting advice or council from those oh so wise RMs.

Our zone is doing super hot right now as well.This week our zone had 16 total families at church.Avg 2 per companionship. Pretty sweet. Our zone is sweet, although at times I would love to throw them into basic training so they would learn to stop being whiners. No one likes a complainer... as I'm complaining haha.

Well thats alls I gots this week. Good week for sure, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I love you guys. Congrats to Peyton, now he and his big forehead can retire! Have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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