Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Week 67

Well it's transfer day! I am getting transfered to Matola. It is in Maputo still, it is kinda of like being in Boise vs Eagle. Im excited. 3 transfers here was the perfect amount. We went out with a bang too, baptizing 5 people! My new companion is Elder Ellingson. I got to know him a bit when I was up in Beria. He is super legit, I think we are gonna have a good time together. He is wrapping up his mission. I think he goes home at the end of January.

This week really was a good one. Obviously the best part was the baptisms of Ramalho, Felicidade, Moises, Milusha, and Ed. I love these guys. It was one of the more emotional goodbyes this time. I said bye to 4 families that I baptized. Im going to have to come back here my last Sunday of the mission to see them all again. I was reminded this week of a quote from President Monson, something like "The greatest joy I know is knowing that the Lord has used me as an instrument in His hands to answer the prayers of one of His other children." Felicidade said multiple times to me as I was saying goodbye that if it wasnt for me she and Ramalho and her brother and sister in law would all still be lost and unhappy. I know I didnt really do anything. I was just being a missionary. Any other Elder would have baptized these families as well, but it is a really good feeling knowing that Heavenly Father used me as a way to help these people who He loves, and now so do I.

We also had zone conference this week. As always it was super osum. Pres Koch actually gave the zone leader another hour and a half to give a training to the zone. Mejia and I talked about the characteristics of Christ and how being more like Him is a sure way to become a better and more successful missionary. We actually had some of the missionaries give mini talks because I felt hypocritical talking about that stuff when I am probably one of the least charitable and most impatient missionaries here haha. But it went well.

Fun story of the week, but first I have to say, if I tell this story Mom has to promise not to get mad. Ok thanks! So we were out of energy over the weekend because the electrical company shut off our fuse box because of some problem, but they werent coming out to fix it until Tuesday. So we basically hotwired to box so we could have energy for those 4 days, but before the company came out to fix it we had to put it back to normal so they wouldnt see it. Yes I know we are bad, but I got punished already. When we were rewiring it, Mejia was screw some of the wires back in and I was holding the box and stuff for him, well I had a wire slip and brush up against me, it was exposed so it gave me a nice jolt and threw me to the ground and left a cool Harry Potter mark on my arm. The mark already went away and Im all good. And we got it rewired in time!:) Just another good mission story! I had enough electricity to run our house go through my body. But dont worry Mom, God protects his missionaries... even the stupid ones:)

Well have another great week. Love hearing about all thats going on. Tell Jordan I say hi. I miss that dude. He was and still is such a great example to me.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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