Saturday, January 24, 2015

Week 28 (Or Week 1 with Hutch)

I think I might start labeling my emails Week 1 with the Hutch (my new comp Elder Hutchinson). I don't even really know if I can adequately explain to you this human being. This last week was one of the most interesting ones in my entire life.

So let me tell you about my new comp. You will get a kick out of this. Before let me just preface by saying I love him and he is a good missionary. I am just stating facts as I have seen them the past week. So first, Elder Hutchinson tries to talk to the goats in the road. Super funny, I think I am picking up some of the goat dialect he knows. After a week with Hutch I can already tell you basically everything there is to know about Star Wars, Star Trek, computer video games (not xbox or playstations he is strictly a computer gamer), super heroes, and how Mozambique needs to change their political system and country infrastructure. Im a genius now! Oh also Hutch unveiled to me his master plan on how he is going to take over the world with his robots. Like I said, what a week.

We walked a TON this week. I was a little bit overwhelmed getting an entire other area added on top of mine, but its coming together. We usually walk the mornings and afternoons in my old area and walk nights in the new one. We have a ton of work to do too its great! We have 12 families that we are teaching right now! 8 of which came to church on Sunday. That lead the mission btw. So ya we are being super blessed in the area right now and I am very thankful for that. Especially because Im adjusting to running everything without Elder Ipsen. Yes I do miss him already. Ornelas´baptism went well. I got to baptize him which is always a neat experience. Our closest families to weddings and baptism are Jeranimo e Suzette and Joao e Zinha. We are looking for the end of February for them both. We also picked up 2 new families that are neighbors and have come to church the past 2 weeks. Fernando e Ana and Fani e Crizalda. Super prime families!!! If things go well with them we are looking for late February as well. In the next 10 weeks we could have 4 to 6 families baptized. The Lord is going HAM in this area right now.

Studies this week were super nice because Im in 3 Nephi. Could just read that one book for the rest of the mission and still learn something new each time. Its osum reading the words of the prophets and the doctrine they teach, but obviously its just that much better when the actual Savior teaches these things. I really liked chapter 12 verse 15 where Christ tells us that we cannot hide. We have the truth and other people need it. Our job is to be an example. And in ch 18 verse 32 I really like it because He says we never know when someone will change, or when they will repent. We can only do our part and keep giving them support and having hope for them. Hits hard as a missionary when sometimes I want to slap people upside the head who don't understand or who continually choose to do that which is contrary to the commandments. We can always give another chance to somebody else, after all how many chance does the Savior give us?

Well great week, great emails and I love you all. Enjoy this next week. Until Monday.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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