Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 25

We got to Skype with Elder Hruby on Christmas Eve. It was so great to see his handsome (pixelated) face and to hear his sweet voice! He has some amazing stories to share. We chatted like old times. We love him so much and are so proud of him!!!

Dear Everyone,

What a Christmas huh? Skyping was probably the greatest thing ever. It was way better than I expected and I wasnt too out of it afterwards so that was nice. This week was still pretty eventful even though we just talked on Wednesday. Today was supposed to be Transfers and we were all super stoked because its time for change in our house haha, but Pres threw us for a loop and wont be doing Transfers until this Friday after we have Zone Conference. Four more days cant hurt I guess.

So Christmas Eve after skyping we went back to the house and not only were we still out of water but the power went out too! It was hotter in the house than it was inside so we all just loosened up the ties and untucked the shirts and layed on the driveway checking out the crazy stars here. The power didnt come back on quickly so eventually we all went in to try to sleep. I was sweating my face off in my bed so I went and grabbed the 2 Reb Bulls I had bought myself for Xmas and put one can on my neck and another on my chest to try to help cool me down. Luckily, around midnight the power came back on and we got the AC. Then we got a Xmas miracle when we woke up we had water. I got to take my first shower indoors all week and got to do my laundry too! Best present ever! Elder Katoa woke up at 5 without us knowing and made us all a huge french toast, eggs/potatoes, and pineapple breakfast. Super nice. Then we had our baptism that morning. Elder Ipsen and I baptized Nito e Nadino. I baptized Nadino. The entire Manga Zone baptized 17 people on Xmas Day and I think 25 this week! Pretty blessed here. Then we came home to little gift exchanges and everyone passed out for a little bit before going back out to work. We really just went around to our favorite families and ate their food and hung out then gave a short little spiritual thought before bouncing to the next house. It was pretty relaxed.

Friday kind of sucked. WE litterally just walked all day. We only got 1 lesson. Even worse everyone was either still drunk or hungover from the day before so the contacting was pretty worthless. But the good news is Sunday made up for it because we had a ton of investigators at church and complete families too. One of our investigators gave us two papaya this week. Each one is the size of Ben's head!!!

Im loving this area. I was excited to see what happens with Transfers but I really dont care. I am most likely staying in Chingassura but I dont know if that will still be with Elder Ipsen or if I will get a new comp. But I am excited to see these families we are working with get baptized. This next Transfer promises to be pretty great too!

Finished reading in the book of Alma this week. I always feel like thats like a big accomplishment since its so dang long. I am liking the Book of Mormon more and more each time I read it. It makes more sense and I learn something new literally everytime I open in. Its sick. One thing I have been noticing or learning and trying to apply is living up to my potential. I guess this kind of goes along with your email Dad about the goals this next year. My only input is this: We are capable of so much more than we know or even can believe. The best way to always get better is to see how good we really can be. In all honesty we have the potential to be perfect, thats our purpose is to someday become like Heavenly Father and be perfected through His Son. So ya thats my input I guess, if that makes sense... Live up to your potential.

Well thanks for everything. I love always having great emails to read and getting all the love from you guys. I missed you this Holiday season, but it was great skyping and getting that recharge for the new year. 2015... CRAZY.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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