Friday, January 2, 2015

Week 24: Week of Christmas

So when I went into the MTC my goal was to make it to Christmas. I figured if I could get there I would be golden. I would be almost at my 6 month mark, fluent in Portguese, knowing what Im doing, and just doing solid. True I am almost at 6 months, which is kinda crazy to think already 1/4th of my mission done. I am nowhere near fluent in Portuguese. I still barely have a clue whats going on in this crazy country. And I am doing solid, but I only acredit that to Elder Ipsen making sure I dont die. 

Its crazy how different Christmas is here. Its kind of like it doesnt exist. The only reason I can tell its a holiday is everyone is stocking up on food for the week. We had another Christmas devotional on Sunday for all the members, but not many showed up. It really isnt a big deal here. It has helped me not feel like I am missing out on the holidays, though. The good news is we have baptisms on Christmas Day which will be a nice little present. Our families that are preparing for baptism are having a little trouble with marriage documents so they wont be baptized until January, but thats ok, they are doing really well.

I am reading the War Chapters right now in Alma. They are actually super sick if I pay attention haha. Moroni is a straight boss, reminds me of myself;) just joking just joking. But one thing I liked that I read was how Moroni never stopped making preparations for war, even when there was peace. He was always actively waiting. Applied to our lives I think its a super good habit to have. Always being proactive and not just sitting around waiting for circumstances to change for us. We have to be active and do our part. Then the Lord will take care of the rest, like how He did in strengthening Moroni and his army. We have to do our part and give the Lord something to work with so He can help us out.

Like you all I dont want to say to much since we will be skyping in 2 days, but I love you all and cant wait to talk to you. Thanks to everyone for the emails, especially this time of year! Welp until next time... which will be when we SKYPE!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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