Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 26

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for the repeat of week 24. Time just seems to mush together here haha. So last week was supposed to be transfers but they moved it to Jan 2 during Zone Conference. Then they lied and switched it to today. Then today when we got on we had an email that said transfers are postponed again until next Monday! I am kind of annoyed, actually all the Elders are. I really dont care what happens with transfers I am just anxious to see. I am expecting to stay in my area, but I think Ipsen will leave. He has already been here for 6 months. I think another Elder or 2 will leave the house too, which will be nice to have some new people around. New things make life exciting and time go by faster.

This week was pretty good still. We got a TON of rain on Monday and Tuesday. After just 30 minutes it was up to my ankles! We had to wear boots for 4 straight days. The only problem was my boots had holes in them haha so I was wet anyways. Dont worry after 3 days we finally got downtown and bought new ones. As far as the lessons and investigators go, this week was kind of just a stand still. We still had good lessons and everyone is doing good, but no major events. Honestly the main thing we did this week was play marriage counselors with our recent converts. I swear I am going to have the best marriage after this mission. They should pay me for how much advice and instruction we give. I always laugh after those kinds of lessons because when I think about it, I am a 19 year old boy who knows nothing about marriage but I am here acting like I'm giving professional advice haha. It is a learning experience for sure.

Zone Conference was super nice this week. Much needed. Its always nice getting some of the Million Dollar training from Pres Kretly. All the Elder performed skits at the end during dinner just for some fun and relaxation. Well my house did the Haka cause Elder Katoa and Palu are Tongan and know it. I lead part of it and was screaming so loud I lost my voice the whole rest of the day and the entire next day! Went hard.

Random stuff from the week... Saw a little girl with a pet dragonfly. She literally had caught it and tied its tail to a string. She would toss it up and let it fly while holding onto the string to bring itback! Probably the coolest thing I have seen since I have been here! New Years was crazy. The are stupid with fireworks. Like I am pretty ignorant and irresponsible with fireworks, but these people take it to a new level of idiocy. I swear I almost saw 3 kids get blown up haha. Also I lost monopoly again this week.

I dig the family theme/goals this year. I will be sure to make my own personal one this week to share as well! I love you all and appreciate all the support!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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