Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Week 27: Official 6 month mark!

Dear Everyone,

This week was definitely one of the longer weeks Ive had, but still solid. We finally got transfers! Ive got a new companion, Elder Hutchinson. We are in my area, Chingassura, but we also picked up the old area of Kotoa and Hatfield since they both left, so essentially Pres. gave me two areas to work. A lot of walking, a lot of work, but a lot of fun and hopefully success! I cant help but laugh at my new companionship. Hutch is literally the most sci-fi, anime, alien-loving kid Ive ever met! He is like a red-headed Spak! He really is like the complete opposite of me and super socially awkward, but I think I am going to have more hilarious stories with him as my comp than at any other time on my mission haha. So I am excited to do work with him.

The Lord is going to work again in our area. Right now I have 12 families that I am teaching. 5/6 that are really progressing well. Then with the addtion of the new area we will have close to 20 families to visit!!!!! Que bencao! I am really happy to be working in this area right now. This next week we will baptize an 18 year old boy named Ornelas. He is super smart and is just a good, dedicated to the Gospel type kid. Hopefully sometime this month Jeranimo e Suzette will be married and baptized too. We are just waiting on documents. The rest are working their way towards baptism. We legit have probably 6 families that could be baptized in the next transfer and a half!

So Friday I hit my 6 month mark on the mission! Crazy right? I wouldnt say time flies, but then again I wouldnt say its dragged on. Its impossible to explain. I made a list of things that have happened in my life the past 6 months. I came up with 43 things. Its a lot but I'll share them cause I like the list.

In the Past Six Months...
I learned:
to speak a new language
that God isnt a puppetmaster. he lets life come at us full speed so that we can grow and learn to rely on him
what Africa-Hot means
how to keep a journal
how to hold my tongue
how to love people (still working on it though)
that being optimistic is much more fun that the alternative
how to cook... kind of
why Returned Missionaries get married so fast after coming home
how to really pray
In the Past Six Months...
I figured out being 200+ lbs isnt always a good thing
The Temple became one of my favorite places in the world
I lived in Africa
Ive read over 1000 pages in the Book of Mormon
I realized how nice it is to have friends with the same values
Ive seen how much I can influence others
My testimony of the BoM went from "this brings me peace and I know I should read it." to "I know this book is the word of God and is the most important book in my life. I will never stop learning from it."
My patience has been tried over and over and over again... and over again
I saw that First class is the way to go for Trans-continental flights
Ive taken countless showers in the rain or with a bucket
Ive been eaten alive by mosquitos
Ive seen the Lord bless my family and my investigators
Ive baptized 17 people, with one more coming this week
Ive walked an uncountable number of miles
Ive eaten some pretty weird stuff
Ive seen and started to adopt a new culture
Seen how alcohol destroys lives and especially families
Seen how the Gospel has something to offer to everyone, even if they seem to have a perfect life or are super happy and dont seem to need help in their life
Seen innumerable boobs and naked kids

Ive sweat my face off
Being clean has basically become and unknown feeling to me
Ive become self-reliant and can live without my parents now
Ive become very grateful for my year at the Academy and all that I learned there
IVe found out who my real friends are
I havent dated a girl (longest period since I came out the womb i think)
I have missed my family and been homesick
I got over the homesickness
I grew up
I realized that its still ok to be a kid sometimes
I enjoyed worrying for others and not myself
Most importantly, in these past 6 months I gained a better relationship with Heavenly Father. I am beginning to realize how much He really does love us and what our potential is in this life, and the one to come. I can honestly say these past 6 months have changed parts of my life, and for that I am excited for the next 6!

I know thats a lot but it was fun to look back and reflect and make that list. The mission is something else, thats all I can really say about it. I love you all and hope the new year is starting off right!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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