Friday, April 1, 2016

Week 90

Holy cow... 90 is a big number! Its even more weird right now because we have a group of missionaries here in the office that are going home today. One of them is Elder Katoa. I lived with him in Chingassura my first 2 transfers there. Its crazy because my first week there I took a picture of him holding up a "6 months" sign, and then his last week there before he got transferred he took a pic of me holding up the same sign... not far behind him.

So I'm sure you are all wondering how Swazi was... IT WAS OSUM! We stayed in the capital Ezulwini, which in English means heaven, and oh was it heaven! It is beautiful there. Mountains and paved roads and malls and wow. When we got there we went over to a shopping center to eat lunch, you could have fooled me into thinking we were at the outlets in Park City. Afterwards, we met up with Pres e Sis Koch and 2 senior couples. One of the senior couples. the Kimballs had just gotten back from South Africa and they spoiled us. They brought us a box of Krispy Kremes and a mcdouble with a large fry from McDonalds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like I said it was heaven. I thought I was so overwhelmed it was ridiculous.

I went out with one of the missionaries in Swazi to visit some investigators to see what it was like... I sound like a bumbling idiot when I try to teach or pray in English. We went to this one families house (I would say there names but in Swazi there names are basically impossible to pronounce nonetheless write) and the wife was sick cause she had eaten too many guavas haha. So instead of having a lesson we helped the husband wash all the dishes. Then, we were going to try to teach a little, but the husband was trying to cook dinner for his wife so we offered to help and they actually accepted. I asked her if we could make her some cooked guavas for dinner... she didnt really find the humor in that haha. We actually ended up cooking some rice and chicken for them and had a nice chance to talk about the gospel with them as we were cooking. It was a neat opportunity, more real life which I havent really had yet.

We got back to Maputo on Thursday, culture shock all over again. Haha no not really, but it was a notable difference. Im convinced the Lord is blessing this country though as the Church grows because this week Maputo got a Pizza Hut! Is not that a great blessing?! It was nice to get back into the area and finally start taking care of our families again. We have about 5 or 6 that are really doing well. We had some good investigators come to church, and 1 complete family, Lloyd e Maria. They are legit. We had members hugging our investigators to welcome them to the ward. Talk about a warm reception.

Easter was nice. The talks at church were solid and the stake held a devotional in the evening. Easter here is celebrated, but not much differently than other holidays. They really just take advantage of the time off and party with there families. Pres Koch had us over for an Easter Lunch that was of course delicious beyond all get out. It was us and the 6 missionaries going home with 3 senior couples. Twas a good time.

Sounds like Spring Break was pretty low key, good! Next year we can do something crazy like go bungee jumping!? Ben and G-lou get better soon! Go UNC! Talk to you in April!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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