Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 93

I love you guys! You always write the best emails that just pump me up for the rest of the week. My week was pretty good... I feel like I always say that, but then again thats a good thing. Good weeks make for a good mission, and from what everyone tells me a good mission makes for a good life right?

For being a good week, not much out of the ordinary happened. It was a pretty standard week, which I always appreciate because that implies that we were able to get out into the area a good amount. You know what one of my favorite things we do is? Family Nights! Mozambican family nights are one of a kind! Luckily, we will be in Maputo on a Monday night when Mom and Dad are here so we are definitely going to a family night and you guys are gonna lose your minds its so osum! This last week we had a pretty legit one. The games got a little intense at the end haha, Mozambicans cant play to just play, nor play to just win, they play to complete destroy the other competitors haha. I love them.

Found out this week that our mission tour with Elder Cook got cancelled. I was a little bummed, but Im excited now because it means I'll get to go back to Beira and Swazi right before the end. If Elder Cook had come me and Elder Stanley would not have traveled, but now we will! So I'll get to go to Beira like June 02 and set everything up with my families there for Mom and Dad's visit 3 weeks later!

This week in some of our meetings with Pres and the senior couples we started talking about things that are going to happen at the end of June or in July and it was super weird when I realized I wasnt going to be there for any of it... do you guys realize how weird it is to be 8 weeks from finishing your mission?! 8 weeks isnt enough for me to get all these families baptized that we are teaching!

Speaking of families... Lloyd e Maria are doing osum!!! They are one of my absolute favorite families. We will go over to there house when Mom and Dad are here. They are pretty flippin wealthy and super young. Lloyd speaks fluent English too so that'll be fun. They are progressing super well and are just working on one trickyish document of his before they can get married and baptized. They are excited. Antonio e Cartilia are also doing well. They always come to Church and in the process have reactivated their neighbors. They are just short on money right now so they have to save up for the rest of their docs. Candido e Ana are doing great as well. They just have to get one more doc before they can get married. The rest is simple because they are really humble and easy going and just cant wait to get baptized. We are hoping they can get their docs done this week and be married and baptized on the 30th! Fingers crossed.

Well that was basically my week. Life is great. The mission is osum. Im loving every second of it!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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