Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Week 91

Transfers!!! Today is the start of #15.... of 16! Yeah thats for real.

This week was super solid. On Tuesday a new group of missionaries arrived! We went the airport to pick them up at around 23h. It was a group of 4 Elders and 1 Sister. The Sister's name is Sister Dyre and she is like some super legit country star. She has been on tour with Miranda Lambert and Florida Georgia Line and others too! But now she is in Moz serving a mission...sick right!? They all slept most of the day of Wednesday, but Thursday we got to give them a little welcome training and then I walked with one of the new Elders that night. It was really fun to see all their reactions and hear all their questions. Its really freaky how accustomed Ive gotten to everything. I just keep getting little reminders of how weird going home will be. The best part of hanging with the new missionaries was it was just a nice refresher of how totally osum my mission is! I would never pick anywhere else to serve, even with all the craziness I love this place. Im so excited for you guys to come and see it for a week.

The other big news this week was a curveball from Pres. He decided to transfer Elder Christiansen down to Swazi. It was surprising because he had told us multiple times that the two of us were going to stay together until the end. Apparently he felt a need to send Christiansen down there. My new comp is Elder Stanley. He was actually an office elder for like 6 months and just left to Swazi for only 1 transfer but now he got called as an ap. He is super legit. Funny. kinda nerdy, but in a good way, and works like a boss. Im really happy to serve with him.

The area is looking goog. We had 2 families at Church, Anontio e Cartilia and Candido e Ana. Lloyd also showed up but his wife, Maria was in SA. They are all doing very well. We are having some of the more in depth lessons Ive had on my mission. These families are so sweet! We are hoping to see them continue to progress and be baptized soon. Hopefully this month. It would be a real blessing. Its been a while since Ive been able to see a family baptized. Im excited.

Funny story for you guys. I never know if you really think these stories are funny or if its just funny to me because the mission has wrecked my sense of humor or if its just funny in the moment, but here it is. Elder Stanley and we walking in the area on Saturday and stopped to contact this guy. Normal contact but as soon as we finished some other guy called us over, probably because he saw us give out a free pamphlet and he wanted one too haha. We go over and the guy starts talking and he didnt seem nor smell drunk but he was all over the place in his conversation. We were being friendly and kinda joking around with him when I noticed a tattoo on his arm with little claw marks and the word "Hapan." I made the mistake of asking him what it was and he went off on this hardly followable story and then at the end he resumed saying it was supposed to say "Japan" but he mispelled it. I thought that was funny in itself but to make things better I then asked why he wanted Japan on his arm? His answer.... "I worked a lot with the Chinese." YES!!!!!!! Priceless right? Oh I love Mozambique!

Well off to another week of business. We got lots of meetings this week and lots of good visits marked! Hope you guys have a great week as well. Enjoy the beautiful weather. It's starting to cool down here as well!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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