Friday, April 15, 2016

Week 92

Pretty low key week. It was good as always and we got a lot of time in the area this week, but everything ran pretty normally and smoothly which makes for a lack of crazy/different things to write about.

We had some zone meetings that Pres conducted this week, just to pass on some info and give a little bit of training. We were talking about loyalty to the Lord and how that factors into our obedience and also our relationship/responsibilities with others. You know how Im a fan of one-liners so I picked this one up from the meeting. "It's not about who is right, but rather what is right." Add that one to the quote collection I guess right.

Stanley and I found 5 new families this week that show potential to progress. We found them all on the same road! Tuesday night around 2015h we had nothing marked so we decided to knock doors on this road. 2 doors later we were invited in to a house and taught the Restoration. Wednesday we had some free time again around 20h and decided to go back to the same road... first door they let us in and we taught the Restoration. Thursday weirdly enough we had nothing to do around 20h and said ah what the hey lets go hit that same road... 4 doors later we sat with 2 families in the same house and taught the Restoration. And Friday I bet you cant guess what happened... ya we went back and ya 2nd door we taught another new family! Sadly, last night we ran into the end of that road. We will just have to try the next road haha. Pretty sweet!

Saturday and Sunday we got to watch General Conference! It was the best one of my mission. Most likely because I finally understood everything and was really trying to pay attention. Crazy that I will watch my next Conference in English! There were sooo many good talks and so much to take from it all. Gotta love how much they talked about families. Families are the best! I liked a ton of things but 2 that stuck out to me were Elder Renlund's talk and Pres Uchtdorf's. I thought it was interesting how Elder Renlund explained how people develope a sense of entitlement with God and think they have the right to all blessings. Interesting how when we distance ourselves from the Lord we have more of this attitude, but when we grow closer to Him we realize how dependent we are and how lucky we are to receive all that He blesses us with. And then Pres Uchtdorf gave another osum one-liner: "There exists nothing good until you do it." I'd consider that motivating.

We are working really hard with the families we have! Candido e Ana are progressing well and are moving along in their marriage docs. Same with Antonio e Cartilia. I really hope they can get baptized soon! The rest of the families are kind of iffy at the moment. I have started to really understand what it means to have agency. Its painful to watch people hear, recognize, and follow the truth for a time, but then turn away from it. They make me want to hit a wall sometimes haha, but you can only do so much for them ya know.

So life continues. Single digit weeks is too small. Not seeming real still, but I think its because I'm lucky to be able to be busy everyday. I prefer it that way. As Elder Holland says, "Run hard and to the tape."

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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