Saturday, December 26, 2015

Week 76

ITS CHRISTMAS WEEK!!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to a very much needed skype sesh! I cant wait to see all you guys!

This week doesnt have a lot to tell. It is unreal hot here. We walk outside everyday and I just laugh... it really is comical how we live haha. From 2pm to 9pm I am losing on average 6-8 lbs of water weight! I feel like Im doing hot yoga during our lessons.

I got to go on a comp exchange this week. I walked with Elder Watteyne. He is from Logan, but we played against each other in lacrosse my senior year when he was a sophomore. Small world. It was a nice time getting to talk about lax for a little bit, its been quite a while.

As far as the area and the work... well there is work to be done. We are working hard and being obedient, but there is something else we need to be doing because we just arent catching the right breaks these days. None of our families came to church yesterday. We dont know why Magre didnt come, because his wife, Sarifa, was there. We are going over there tonight to see whats up. We are still hoping to open there marriage process this week since last week didnt work out. Hopefully we can get them to understand the commitment they need to put into this.

In all honesty thats all I really got. We get to talk more on Christmas day. My skype time is from 4pm to 440pm on Christmas day! Im super excited! Try not to freeze this week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

We got to skype with Elder Hruby on Christmas day and it was so awesome! He is doing well and is the same old Grant we love and miss. Crazy to think that the next time we skype him will be a month before he comes home!

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