Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Week 73

This was one of the best weeks of the entire mission! The work, the place, the families, and the mission in general was osum! Elder Ellingson and I finished this transfer with fashion. We had by far our best week of work of the transfer. We hit almost all our goals and we had 2 new families at church! One of them is looking like they could really progress, Magre e Sarifa!

So today was transfers. I now enter into my 12th out of 16! That is crazy! With the divisions of the wards last week and some talking with Pres, me and Elder Ellingson we given the entire ward of Liberdade as our own. We picked up another area since there were elders working there, but we moved them out and now we own it all! Means even more walking, but we should never have a down day because of all the area we have and all the members too! It is a vote of confidence in me and Elder Ellingson but Im stoked. We are getting a family this transfer I can feel it in my bones haha.

So my second Thanksgiving on the mission... has to have been one of my favorite Thanksgiving of my entire life. We went big and bought a real turkey and a bunch of other good stuff and actually put together a meal our moms would have been very proud of! We had turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, rolls, salad, a fruit jello salad, apple pie, ice cream, lemon bars, bunch of soda, and we found non alcoholic champagne, and PUMPKIN PIE! Elder Holt made the pie from scratch and it was delish! We went out to work on Thursday morning and when we came back for lunch Elder Holt and Sharpe blindfolded us and took us into the house, they had set up a surprise for us. When they brought us back into the living room they unblindfolded us and they had cleaned up and reorganized the room and covered the tables with food and table cloths and drinks and they even had built a tower of coca colas with flaming fireworks coming out the top... ya it was extreme, but I loved it. We then popped the champagne bottles and ejoyed ourselves a lovely little missionary Thanksgiving! Went back out to work and had a successful day, although it was soooo hot. Because of the heat there was a pretty wicked lightning storm that evening, so much lighting that we actually had to go home an hour early! All in all it was a great holiday. Made even better knowing aunt Connie is doing better. I love that lady!

Those are the highlights from my week. I cant believe Im done with my 11th transfer. Time is a trip... I know I say that a lot, but it is so weird here on the mission. The work continues and Im looking forward to this next transfer, and of course the fact that our 3rd skype sesh is less than a month away! I love you guys to the moon and back!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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