Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Week 75

I'll just start by saying this so I can leave it alone the rest of the email so I dont annoy you guys... IT IS SO HOT! Ive never had a week this hot. Everyone single day, except yesterday was bloody hot. But this week was pretty solid.

As rough as Pday was last week was, we ended it on a good night. We had a family night with a less-active member and his wife who isnt a member (Manuel e Isabel). It was solid and he shows some strong interest to come back and she came to church by herself yesterday cause Manuel had to work! She liked it and a lot of the Relief Society gave her a warm welcome. Progress baby!

The big news this week... Magre e Sarifa are moving on their documents! We taught them about marriage and explained the docs on Tuesday and they accepted in no hesitation. The only dificulty is they are from Quelimane which is further north than Beira, so to get an original copy of their birth certificate is tricky, but God works miracles and they have some family members that were super willing to help out and we should have the docs down here this week. We want to try and open the process by Friday so that they can be married and baptized on January 9th!!! Im stoked for them. They are one of those families that really recognize just how much the gospel is blessing/changing their lives. It is my favorite thing to see too.

We also have another family, Americo e Rosa who had already come to church a few times and accepted baptism, but this week they accepted marriage and they have a super easy doc situation! We will probably go a little slower with them, however, since they need a little more time to understand everything and gain a real testimony, but miracles nonetheless!

Matola has been doing us dirty lately. I feel like Im back in Beira sometimes with the power outages and lack of water, of which we had both this week. We ran out of water for only like 24 hours, but we didnt have that many bottles of water stored in the house, so Wednesday night I set a new personal record showering with about 700ml of water haha! Luckily, the next morning I went out to the water spout and it was flowing so we filled up like 80 bottles of water, just to have the water start pumping through the house again... at least next time we will have bottles! Also, energy went out Saturday night... which was probably the hottest day of the week... joy. Woke up at least a dozen times just soaked in sweat haha. I dont even get mad really anymore I just think its hilarious... Ill go through anything for the story ya know!

Well I think thats all for this week. We will be skyping on Christmas day I believe. Not quite sure on the time yet, though. Im beyond excited! Im trying to think of which stories I want to tell in our limited time... gotta be something good, get you guys rolling on the ground a bit :) Have a great week!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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