Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 34

Dear Everyone,

It's official, I speak Portuguese. I had my first all Portuguese dream this week. Feelin' like a boss! This week was pretty solid, but it seemed pretty long. In all honesty, this entire transfer has seemed pretty drawn out and we just hit the halfway mark. What can ya do though?

As usual I'll start with the best part of every email... The Hutch stories. First let me just say that this week was actually an hisoric week for Elder Hutch and I. Hutch did his very first contact since he has been with me. Just so you can get a clue on how big this is; Each week we have a goal to get 35 qualified contacts. That means a man over 25, with a wife, that lives in an area with missionaries, and you get his phone number and mark a visit... all in the road. Hutch and I just finished our 7th week together. In the past 3 weeks of just this transfer alone I have gotten 80 contacts by myself... Hutch got his first in 7 weeks on tuesday! I was a proud comp haha. This week I went on a division with Elder Douglas in his area and Hutch stayed in our area with Elder Hillman. This meant that Hutch actually had some responsibility and had to run the area for the day. Well they ended up getting lost 3 times, only got 2 lessons, and Hutch forgot to call all of our investigators that we had marked. Twas a rough day. Means I got a lot of work to do these next 3 weeks to make sure he is ready to run the show because I probably will be transfered in 3 weeks. Oh Hutch man!

The week went slowly I think because we had 3 days in a row were all our lessons were falling through. The good news is our focus families are doing well. For Vasco and Josefina the register that handles all the documents lost one of their residency verifications so they had to redo them. If everything runs smoothly, we will open the marriage process this Thursday and they will be married and baptized on March 14! Prayin alot for all to go well, they deserve it. Also Fani e Crizalda are doing super well. They are one of the best families I've taught. They arent marked until May 9 because of family stuff, but they are nice. Im just super stoked to finally get Vasco e Josefina baptized. Its been a while. Other missions probably think thats a raelly ungrateful thing to say, but hey when you are in the best mission in the world you expect lots of baptisms!

So Im moving through the New Testament. I was reading in Luke this week and chapter 6:39-42 stuck out to me. 7 weeks with someone like Hutch can take a toll and had made me a bit impatient and at times judgemental. But Christ teaches to basically check yourself first. Make sure you're doing right before you get on somebody else. Ive been trying to really apply that with my comp. Just make sure Im really being the best comp to him before I ask him to change anything. Just one of those things that takes time and lots of effort, but Im working on it.

Starting to get pretty toasty again here, hope you enjoy that beautiful Boise weather. Super jealous. I put more pics up on the dropbox. The one with the family is Saite e Melita with their daughters. We did a family night with them and then took a pic or two. I told them that Dad is the Colonel and got them all to salute ya Pops! Enjoy.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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