Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 37

Well, sadly the Hutch stories have come to an end... or have they? Transfers came today, AND dun dun dun drumroll please.... I will not be with The Hutch any longer, But I will be in the same house as him. So this is what happened. 2 Transfers ago when Hutch came we lost 2 missionaries so their area was combined with mine. The last 2 transfers I have been working 2 areas at the same time. Now we are gettting 2 more missionaries and Hutch and his comp will take one and me and my new comp will take the other. I am kind of happy that I can still work with some of my families while getting a bit of change in the house and with my comp.

My new comp is Elder Abel. He is in his 16th of 16 transfers. he goes home the end of April. I dont know much about him other than he was zone leader in Beira the first time I met him. I think we will get along fine. And I will still have Hutch stories once in a while in the house.

Elder Douglas and Elder Hillman both stayed in the house as well. So really we all stayed and we just got 2 more. This will be my 5th here and my 5th living with Elder Hillman, good thing I like him. 7 and a half months is a long time to live with someone on the mission.

The big news this week is the first stake being created here in Beira! It was a super cool experience. We had about 1,500 members show up in one chapel! We had a huge tent outside with big tvs broadcasting it. As far as what the General Authorities said (Elder Ellis, and Elder Kumbuloni) wasnt much of anything new. They basically gave the same talks as they did down in Maputo for the stake there. Same with President Kretly. Super sick though, my branch President became the 2nd counselor in the Stake Presidency! He is a boss.

A couple of the local speakers said 2 things that I really liked. They sound cooler in Portuguese so Im gonna write them as they were said. ªNao importa como nos comecamos, importa como acabamosª and ªDeus conhece nossa lutaª Hopefully Courtney can help you guys out on these ones! I really liked them

Last Pday we had a gator ball tournament with the zone, we took second. I was pleased considering our team. Dad, its ironic that you emailed me about the body slowing breaking down, because my body already is too. Not even 20 years old and I cant play gator ball for an hour without feeling like I got run over by Bo Jackson for the next 3 days. My body hates me, Im terrified to see what its gonna be like when Im 40.

We have this super nice new family, Olivio e Francisca. We gave them the BoM on Tuesday and on Friday he was alreadyin 2 Nephi 13! Super crazy. They also live right next to a recent convert family so its a perfect teaching situation.

As far as the Hutch stories go this week, I forgot to get any memorable quotes. But I got 2 stories for you. First Monday night Hutch taugh a couple of kids how to play Red Rover. Bad idea. The little kids were like karate choppping each others necks and loking like they were going to break each other. Also they tried to call Hutch over and he was about to run through them, but I had to stop him. Not the best idea as a missionary to run over little kids. Second storie. Since I thought I may be getting transfered this week, the last three days I have been acting as Hutchs trainee. He has had to basically run the area by himself to see if he could do it. He HATED it! We go lost so many times and walked around aimlessly for hours. The whole time I was just doing contacts and telling him I didnt know where we were going so he had to find all the houses himself. Luckily, yesterday we only got a little lost and he did a decent job. Just in time too as he gets a new comp today.

Well that was my week. Enjoy Spring Break! Your weather is getting better, and mine is still Africfa hot, but hey they say its supposed to start cooling down in April.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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