Sunday, March 15, 2015

Week 35

This week seemed to go pretty quick. And the best part is... we got the marriage process opened for Vasco e Josefina!!!!!!!!! Everything had to go perfectly because we had to time it right with his work and her school, but The Big Guy was looking out! They are going to be baptized next Saturday and the asked me to baptize them. We will also be baptizing a jovem named Xavier. He is a boss and is super active and a really good kid. So that in itself made this entire last week super nice. Good thing too, because the rest of the week was pretty boring to be honest. We walked a lot.

Ive started trying to write down quotes each day from Hutch. This week there are 2 that I liked. First, "Nothing of worth happened today." This is probably a lot more funny to me since I know Hutch and because he said this to me as I was writing in my journal at the end of one day. I think it was his little jab at me saying I was wasting my time. The second, and I have no idea why he said this or where he got it, we were just walking on the road one night back to the house and Hutch out of nowhere says, "Rhianna is the Marilyn Monroe of our time." Uhhh what? He never ceases to amaze me. Ok I also have to tell you this story because its just too classic. This morning as I was grabbing some shorts to wear for the day I grabbed a pair and saw a bandaid stuck to them. Well I havent used a bandaid on my entire mission and Hutch is the only other person that comes in my room. I came to the dreadful realization that the bandaid had to belong to Hutch because he had been using them to cover his volcano infection thing on his hand. I started to freak out a little and refused to take it off and made Hutch do it. Sure enough there was blood and goop on the bandaid. We will be holding a ceremony tonight to burn those shorts...

As far as the rest of the area... kind of status quo. I really am so stoked for the wedding and baptisms this weekend. But let me tell you right now... I do not want to do any wedding planning for my wedding. I cant imagine how ridiculous that is. I am stressed out and running all over the place be a Mozambican wedding planner, I dont wanna see what its like for a wedding back home, my wife is in charge of that.

Normally 4 transfers in one area is pretty long. Not super unheard of, but its rare-ish. 5 is basically something that never happens. I honestly want to get transferred, though. Being in the same area this long slows down the time a bit. Ya I will leave some nice families but there are plenty all over. I really want to go to an outside area like Chimoio or Nampula. Unfortunately the trend with Hutch is once Pres Kretly finds somebody that works with Hutch he uses them to the max. I have a feeling I will do 5 trasnfers here and 3 with the Hutch. We will see.

Crazy to hear about Sarah! Never would have guessed. The good news is she could go 17 months of her mission of hard, long work and then find that one golden investigator that last month and it will make it all worth it. She will see there is a purpose to her being called there. I am finding new reasons all the time. I think one was to learn from Hutch and try to teach him a thing or two as well. Thats been my goal lately is being an example to him. Of hard work, good attitude, and diligence. But honestly mostly just loving the people. He really doesnt have the best outlook on the country or the people and it kind of rubbed off on me a bit so Ive been very conscientiously trying to reverse that and rub off on him how great this place is and the good in these people, because there really is a lot to love.

I've made it to John in the NT. Super sad I have never read it until now. The NT is super nice and the JST is super sick to read. Just two things I really like this week; Luke 21:14 Christ essentially tells us what we hear all the time. We need to decide now how we will act/react in a given situation. If we wait until it happens its too late and it is so much harder to do what is right in that given moment. If we just decide now it makes it a lot easier, it doesnt take away the temptation but makes it so much easier to push to the side. Second, Luke 22 Christ explains that he that is greatest among you will also be the one that serves the most and is the most humble. I dig that one. You are only as good as you help others to be.

Love you guys lots and thanks for the support. Nice work on my taxes Dad. We will have to use those here in about 2-3 months when the college applications start up. Woo!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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