Sunday, March 29, 2015

Week 36

Ok so not to be a total downer, but this week was definitely a rough one. Let me just lay all the bad stuff on you first, then I'll make you laugh with some Hutch-ness at the end.

First, we had planned 3 baptism this week with one wedding. The wedding was going to be a miracle because everything had to go perfectly for us to even get the documents done, and for Josefina to get an entire weekend off from school and be able to do everything was a miracle in itself. Well, Wednesday morning we got a call from Vasco saying that Josefina's parents werent going to accept the wedding. They said that Vasco still owed money on the lebolo (basically the dowry for the daughter) and they also wanted to do a big party. Because of that Vasco and Josefina decided to not get married and therfore baptized. Needless to say I was a bit upset. First, because if they were going to tell the family the should have done it last month, not the week of. Second, we preach that the lebolo is a false tradition and wrong and should never impede you from keeping the commandments, yet they still let the pressure get to them.

Second, we still had the jovem Xavier that was ready to be baptized. We had it planned for 1pm on Saturday. We showed up at 12 and got everything ready and were just waiting around. Xavier showed up at 1:10 and we waited around until 1:50 and no one else showed up! Everything went wrong in the scheduling because we let the branch plan it instead of the missionaries. We had to reschedule it for Sunday before church at 7am. Its a 30min walk to church and we had to fill up the font so we woke up at 545 to get it all set up. The good news is we got Xavier baptized! The meeting was Xavier, me, Hutch, the branch mission leader, and the branch Presidente. Sad that no family showed up, but it was actually pretty nice. So that was good at least.

Third, came home from Pday last week to find our house broken into. This is actually kind of funny more than annoying. The broke in and stole I think 5 or 6 things. The only thing they stole of mine was that alarm clock that Dad gave me. In total I think the stole about $50 worth of stuff in a house that had easily a couple thousand dollars worth of stuff they could have taken. Ignorant robbers haha.

Fourth, the power has been TERRIBLE here. We are averaging about 50% time with power and 50 without. We went 2 whole nights without power. Its impressive how hot it still is here at night, and its even more impressive how much you can sweat while you sleep.

Nice well that was a nice little rant. Just so we are all clear, I still love this place haha. Makes for some good stories. And as far as Vasco e Josefina, I dont know what exactly, but I was supposed to learn something from all that. I am still trying to humble myself enough to figure out what, though. But as always the Big Guy was still looking out this week. He gave us 3 new GOLDEN families this week. All 3 have already accepted baptism and all 3 came to church, the entire family! One of the families already loves me because I helped their 10 year old daughter with her math hw for like 20 minutes. It was actually super fun. Im making her a multiplication table that she can memorize since she was never actually taught how to do that. She is a sweetheart. Her name is Pascua.

And now for the part you were all waiting for. The Hutch section of the email... This week I dont really have a new story for you. He pretty much acted as he normally does. I did snag some nice quotes this week, however. He got on a Southpark rant at one point so thats where I got 2 of the quotes. And the other ones are just good ole' classic Hutch.
"You don't really matter to America until Southpark makes fun of you."
" All anyone has to do is watch Southpark and they'll know exactly how America views the rest of the world."
" If we don't name the first Inter-stellar starship the Enterprise, I think we will be doing ourselves a disservice."
"If Elder Hruby was a girl... would you date him?"

And this is my favorite from this week: "While you were sleeping I used 12 Q-tips to clean my ears."
Oh you have to love this kid!

I finished the 4 Gospels this week. I noticed that a lot of the time when Christ was faced with doubters or non-beleivers He would always just say look at my works. If my works are true then I am true. Actions speak louder than words, thats a fact.

Have a good last week before spring break!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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