Friday, February 27, 2015

Week 33

Dear Everyone,

Well at least this week the rain came and the temperature dropped pretty nicely. Gonna count that as a big blessing since the power has been super unreliable this week. Last night we got some cool weather and some wind so we got to pop the windows open and I actually slept the whole night through.

The Hutch was as good as usual this week. His crazy volcano infection on his hand is getting better. He is a little disappointed actually. He was hoping to get super powers from it haha! Even better, though, was all week he was avoiding shaking peoples hands, which as a missionary is near impossible, but he always messes with people when he shakes hands and so all week they thought he was joking and everyone was grabbing his hand and the crazy volcano! He didnt appreciate it. Also, I dont think Ive told you, but Hutch isnt the biggest fan of the little kids here, so when they annoy him in the road and grab his hand he holds them tight and says "Vou comer seus olhos." Aka Im gonna eat your eyes. They always freak out and try to get away but he holds onto them until he feels they are sufficiently terrified. I love it!

Yesterday in church we had 18 investigators and 6 complete families! Love it when a week of work pays off. During Sacrament meeting I was sitting with the little girl of one of our recent converts, her name is Diasy. She is a freakin cutie! At least I thought so until yesterday. She was super well behaved during the Sacrament, but afterwards she started trying to play around with all my stuff and then was close to tearing my BoM. I took it from her and said she couldnt play with it. Of course she started pouting and crying, but I told her I didnt care and she could cry all day. When she heard that she freaked and slapped me in the face twice and clawed me. Cut my nose and my chin. Like I said, she was a cutie until yesterday.

We were supposed to get Vasco e Josefina married and baptized this Saturday (28) but we didnt get the marriage process opened in time so we are pushing it back one more week until March 7. Still super excited, itll be my first family in 2 months! The rest of the area is doing great and we have some really good families that are progressing nicely, just because of time and documents they are all planned for sometime next transfer.

Nice, well I dont have much else this week. And I tried to load some pics up on dropbox, but the computer was being lame today, so fica para proxima semanam, desculpe! I love you all and thanks for everything.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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