Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 31

OH MY LANTA FOR THE STARS OF LIZA ITS BEEN HOT! I think this week I was officially given my welcome to Africa. I cannot remember sweating this much in my entire life. Walk outside for 10 minutes and I kid you not, my shirt is soaked, sticking to my body and you can see my skin through the shirt. Kind of gross I know. Here is the best news, our power has been super spastic this week so its been even hotter in the house. The houses here are literally built like an oven so it really is hotter inside than out. Saturday night the power went out around 7pm and didnt come back on until 3am. So bucket showers and sleeping in the heat. I actually didnt have that much trouble falling asleep but it wasnt a deep sleep, and then at midnight I woke up hearing Elder Hillman throwing up in the bathroom haha. I thought I was having a rough night with the sweat dripping down my face as I tried to sleep... Hillman definitely had it worse. I had to laugh, though because honestly his night couldnt have gotten any worse. So thats my Africa story for the week.

Ready for the Hutch story? I could talk about him forever, already have a million stories to tell haha. First, he literally never, NEVER stops talking. I have decided its because he played so many computer games in high school that now that he actually has someone in person with him 24/7 that has to listen to him, he is taking full advantage haha. But this week the Hutch has been a little sick and stuffed up. He has been blowing his nose into a towel all week, which fine whatever he can have his snot towel. The story comes into play when i saw him come out of the shower and had that very same towel, the "snot" towel, wrapped around him drying off! What makes it even greater is I realized he has been using that towel the entire week for both his snot and his showers!!!! Gotta love The Hutch!

We have one family we are teaching, Vasco e Josefina, who are really close to baptism. They have finished all the marriage documents, we are just waiting for all the legalization and signatures. They are a golden family. They are marked for Feb 28! We also taught a family this week, Fani e Crizalda, the Law of Chastity. It was actually a super nice lesson. After we finished our speal about how they need to get legally married before they can be baptized, Fani turned to Crizalda and asked "You wanna get married?" She replied "do you?" And super enthusiastically Fani "I definitely wanna get married, lets get married!" It was a super fun lesson. At the end when we were leaving Crizalda shook my hand and had this big ole smile on and told me that she loved our lesson today. Makes it worth the work things like that.

On Tuesday we had another sweet visit. Tad R. Callister came to Beira to talk to us. FYI he is the President of the Sunday School. It was beyond sick. He was personable and engaging and it was so totally OSUM. He talked a lot about the Atonement. He knows a lot.

I finished the Book of Mormon again and have started reading the New Testament. I am also reading Jesus the Christ alongside it because Talmage explains things a lot better than I can comprehend on my own. I am so ignorant when it comes to the Bible its embarrassing, but thats why Im reading it right? Just want to share 2 verses this week. Matthew 9:12-13. Christ himself explains that the whole need no physician, only the sick. He didnt come to help the perfect people, He came for the sinners. Good cause Im a sinner, so glad I got Him on my side!

Welp I love you all and hope lifes going good, busy as ever. I miss you guys, in a good way, and pray for ya too! Until next week.

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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