Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 32

Dear Everyone,

Transfers came this week and I you all will be spoiled with another full transfer of "The Hutch" stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In all honesty I am kind of excited too haha. My house stayed the same. Just me and Hutch and the 2 zone leaders, Elders Hillman and Douglas.

The big news this week is that the FIRST STAKE IN MOZAMBIQUE was created on Sunday! And President being a boss, shipped ALL the missionaries in the entire mission to Maputo to witness it. The only crappy part is its an 18 hour bus ride from Beira to Maputo... on Mozambican roads haha. I got to see the whole country basically so that was cool. I took some pictures but left my camera at home today
so I'll have to send them next week, sorry. President looked so relieved to have a Stake President called in Maputo. That takes a load off the entire mission since Maputo is now self-sufficient. All we have to do there is teach and baptize now, not any of the leadership stuff anymore.

We went down on Saturday morning and 4 am and got to Maptuo at about 9pm. The ride was actually not bad at all. I got to stay in my old area and old house that I served in my first transfer here. It was super osum to walk in my old area on Sunday afternoon. We went and visited Domingos e Christina, my first couple that we baptized. They are both active and doing super nice. Pridefully, one of the best
parts was everyone we visited was like wow Elder Hruby you speak really good Portuguese now. Considering I had been in the country for only a few days when I met all of them, I would hope I speak significantly better now, but still was an ego boost.

The trip back up yesterday seemed a lot longer than the way down. We blew a tire about 8 hours into the drive and it took them an hour to fix it, but we made it and get to do P-Day today. 

Ok the moment you have all been waiting for... the weekly Hutch story. First let me preface that Hutch doesn't take showers at night, only in the mornings. Which fine, you know at least he is showering once a day right? No wrong. We are so gross and sweaty and dirty after working all day I cannot comprehend how he gets into bed and falls asleep without showering. Anyways about a week ago this bite looking scab appeared on his wrist. Didnt look too serious, though. Then 2 days ago he comes up to me and puts both his hands up and says "Notice anything?" Uh ya I did one of his hands was fat as a balloon and twice the size of the other. The bite thing has turned into a nice little infection with a huge bump on his wrist that looks like it needs to be popped. He is super into those natural plant oils so he has been throwing all sorts of magical mixtures on that recently, and then this morning I hear him from the kitchen just yell, "Oh it popped! Yup
thats oozing." Are you kidding me!? I love this kid haha. So hopefully his hand doesn't fall off before he gets his antibiotics.

The are is going good. Not much to say since we were out of town for 3 days, but we should be having a wedding and baptism on the 28th!!!! Super excited, its been 2 months.

Other than that I don't have much. I did get the package from Matt and Connie, and the letters from the Randy and Heather, but from you Mom and Dad I think it was lost:( Well I love ya guys and hope you all get healthy and can enjoy beautiful Boise. The rain is starting to come here! Also our power is out every other night and they saw its gonna be like that for the rest of the year, but that's also Mozambican talk so we will see. But I will be racking up the bucket showers this transfer in the rain that's for sure!

Much Love,
Elder Hruby

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